Sunday, 21 January 2007

Who's That Girl?

I was walking back home yesterday, and the most amazing face I've ever seen in my life passed me by..I looked at her as we got closer..before walking past each other..and I just had to stare..for a second longer, to store as much details of that dream in my mind as fast as I can..I looked stupid looking at her that way, but she kept on walking, failing to conceal a shy smirk..oh yeah, she knows her spell just struck me! she was probably thinking to herself "yep..another one bites the dust".

As I kept on walking, I, this was quite a brain rush..Angels really do walk among us sometimes! and I just passed one.

I kept on walking, it was a bit cold, so I tightened my scarf around my ears, looked up to the sky..Thank you!, it's beginning to get dark, but at least it's not raining..I tuned to "Arthur's Theme" on the ipod, and headed back to reality..I needed to get some chocolate milk.


  1. Careful son, devils walk among us as well, and will most probably look strikingly gorgeous! Did you pass an Angel or a devil... Only one way to find out!

  2. That's the point my friend..she wasn't strikingly gorgeous..she was beautiful in a subtle way..very calm..and simple.

  3. Next time, talk to her. I'm sure you're kicking yourself right now for not talking to her. Be brave ... and Chaaaaarge!
    If she turns out to be the devil in disguise ... well .. you're on your own :D
    Mabrook el 3aroos.

  4. I know! ya sidi..what can we do!

    Allah ybarek feek..3ogbalak!

  5. That reminds me a lot of the James Blunt 'you are beautiful' :)

  6. Hmm..come to think of kinda does! Check out Arthur's Theme's light years ahead..although a couple of decades older.

  7. Rule of thumb, the girl that attracts you the most from a distance in such a manner will certainly disappoint you when she starts talking.
    A cliche to this, the girl would be,

    Good from far,
    Far from good

    GOD equips his creations with tools to survive, and her tools is to bewilder you to succumb to her with looks, beware of the speech.

  8. I am reading this post .. and i am grinning :) ..
    those stolen looks between two strangers have their flavor .. that sometimes stick to our tongue even after we pass them .. and we just wish if we could see them one more time , and find the courage to either give an encouraging look or respond a smile ..

    hope you'll see her again !

  9. woho... I never thought that guys would be thinking that way. Lol... awal mara ba7zan 3a shab. Allah y3enak... keep walking that same street, you might see her again:P but don't ever think of talking to her, until you get a signal. Or else, you'd be black listed my friend(H)

  10. lol... some modifications: my previous comment was based on the fact that you're in jordan. ba3d iktishaf wojodak bi london, I would like to edit my sayings, so here it goes: it looks like it was magic.... you should've talked to her (HAHAHAHHAHAHAH)

    lol..poor guys in Jordan.

  11. interesting Qwaider.. devils do walk amongst us as well, but my personal twist on that saying wud be, within not amongst us..

  12. that's so romantic..
    تذكرانو نظرة، ابتسامة فموعد فلقاء.

    Good luck,

  13. hmm, i didnt know guys think that way, as a girl living in jordan, well, if i ever catch somebody staring at me like that, a nice kaff fee noss nee3o would be just in place :) because i thought it was almost always RUDE!

    bass wienak? i think ur lucky, i thought these moments happen only in movies :(

  14. Right..hmm..ok:

    Well..I don't like to judge people from the first impression, cuz first impressions can be both ways, but my point to everyone is that I enjoyed it! I enjoyed just looking at her face..for that very short time, and that's it...I didn't want to talk to her..I didn't want to quiz her to check her IQ, I also didn't want to recite some qur'anic verses to make her disappear had she been a devil!

    So since I'm in London it's ok ha? remind me not to go to safoot then!


    You should form a poltical party with Lubna..The "if you're not in Jordan it's ok to look, if you are..id7al" party.

    The Moral of the Story:

    I just enjoyed it..while it lasted..and kept on walking.

  15. This is a very nice thing to happen after a long day, you get a smile on your face from a stranger.

    It does not have to be more than that but at the same time its a good feeling. but if you get to know her it would be a great story as well to tell how you two met.

  16. Oh and Tealover,
    Cool interpritation!

  17. Tamara,
    Although I doubt it, and I'm not seeking WOULD be a cool story to tell!

  18. no man u got me wrong, i said as a girl living in jordan and taught by kheirat hal balad, if i catch anyone, anywhere!, that would be my "taught" reaction :) so id7al inshalla fel beit el abyad :s

    PS. although i have commented on googles bloggers before, but this is the first time i find myself obliged to enter my name and website EVERYTIME! is there a setting in your admin pages that saves me the trouble?

  19. I know what you was a need to form the party..unless lubna insists.

    As for the login thingy..I have no setting here indicating anything about that, if you have autofill that might solve it, or if anyone knows how to solve that..jump in!

  20. you didn't have to get me wrong, it was a pure joke:)

    Being from Jordan yourself, you should know how irritating, and sickening some guys flirt with girls in the street. I'm not sure "flirt" is the right word.

    I'm not saying that it's okay there, but not here. I do believe it's an innocent cute act, but does it apply in/to Amman? I'm sure it doesn't cuz the perverts killed it already.

    I'm not gonna get into the words any random girl hears when is simply crossing the street, or walks down a road alone.

    Thanks anyways for the reply.

  21. I know it was..mine was too, I totally understand the "smooth" flirts of some "Gentlemen"...but I'm perticularly fond of the phrase: إيش يا إيو

    not sure what إيو means though!

  22. I really Enjoyed reading those lines.. that was really good..

  23. I wish I'd seen this post ages ago! (You should have commented on my blog earlier so i could have learned of the existence of YOUR blog, coz it seems I've been missing out).

    First thing I thought when I read this? I thought, I wonder if any guy has thought of ME like that when he's passed me on the street.

    Second thought was, I hope some guy has thought of ME like that when he's passed me on the street.

    Third thought was actually a sigh. :)

    Fleeting moments - that's what life's really about, eh?

  24. rambling hal,
    well..apparently my blog does yours!

    you never know..maybe someone did..and then had a sigh!