Tuesday, 9 January 2007

On Being Nice

Among God's names..I'm most fascinated by the ones related to Giving..and Forgivig: The Giver of All, The Bestower of Honors, The Forbearing, The Forgiver and Hider of Faults.

As Humans are the making of the Creator, He bestowed upon them His Devine touch..and gave them the ability to be giving..and forgiving..rewards for that are instintanious, you feel a weird kind of satisfaction within your heart..as you relieve the pain and distress of a person, however small.

Like a small brook, nestelling its path slowly..but surely..towards the river, this feeling possesses you..takes you through the clouds, subconsiously..and for a fraction in time, you become infinate..void from the boundaries of earth..as you..become an Honorary Angel..deliviring God's mercy..to someone who prayed for it..you..were the messenger..The Chosen One..to deliver the Devine answer..handed to you..through you..from God..on His Glorious Throne..to a fellow human. There is no higher honor.


  1. I like the way you thought about this -- in being nice, you are extending God's hand to those who need it.

    A stylistic note though, if I may, the many periods in the text weaken it tremendously. Please forgive the note and the intrusion.

    Excellent blog, I will be back for more.

  2. Well Thank you for dropping by! As for the periods, they're meant to be pauses, as you can't suggest a pause when you write, the only possible way to do it is through..this!

    and don't worry, criticism is always helpful.

    Thanks, and welcome.

  3. My favourite is Alrahman Al Rahim, which means the most merciful. For different reasons, but one of the main reasons is that if you go to root of these words in the Arabic Language you get Rahm which has several meanings, one of them is the past tense of he had mercy and the other one if uterus! Which is the place where a child starts forming and that is the origin of humanity, but it is also a very feminine thing. It just makes me think that indeed God is Great :) and the Arabic Language is an amazing language.

  4. Madas, what you wrote is truly inspirational.

  5. Great post... I love the way you write,, even with all the pauses :P as i do that same :D

    You write with emotions... and this is something rare!

  6. Thanx..glad you enjoy it.

    Oh and meals are now included.