Tuesday, 30 January 2007


This Post was actually a challenge given to me by the anonymous "commentator" also known as Noura, so..here goes it:

So far, I've tried to avoid matters of the Heart..as much as I can, and if needed..as covert as possible, for they have had a huge effect on my life, and on the composition of my personality.

I'm constantly captivated by an "Eve", an actual one..or one that's only visible to me..living inside my head..the sole common thing between the two is their noble mystery, the kind of mystery that would dissolve a grown man into a school boy..running up and down the library isles in search for the hidden truth behind the great mysteries of ancient Greek mythology.

Eve can be cunning, but her doing so is a natural defence, justifiable..in the instinctive sense of the anthropological argument, but her cunning, when we like it, is called seduction, one of the most beautiful arts of womanhood..an art where men were destined to be amateurs..even if they do sometimes reflect signs of genius. Seduction, is a woman.

Nothing is more beautiful than being taken on a mental trip to the stars by someone.. mind seduction..when a woman has the "perfect" mind..bearing in mind the relativity of the term "perfect", it somehow reflects the perfection of the Creator..how amazing is it to have beauty represented physically..and mentally.

To me, Everything beautiful is a woman, Amman is a Woman, noble and dignified, Motherhood, the highest, most supreme of all human relations, Patriotism is a woman..despite the frown some people might have upon its "innocence", Spring, Love, Music is a woman, Belonging, Longing, Victory, and yes..Defeat.

I'm a man who's captivated by Eve, there might not be a perfect Eve, but there certainly isn't a perfect Adam, for relativity..and imperfection, are only human, and some day, Freedom from the laws of Earth; gravity, and relativity will echo Sinatra’s song..Fly me to the Moon.

To be continued..

Monday, 29 January 2007

The Road to Redemption

I'm taking a daily increased dose of offence..at people who manipulate "Righteousness", either intentionally or otherwise, examples are mushrooming all around the Orient, they're certainly growing underground around the world.

The thought of "Divine" inspired political positions is nothing but a cheap attempt to manipulate people..who would be better off under previous political and social realities..thought at the time to be the epitome of tyranny and injustice.

One can always tell people that he's the chosen one, to lead..and to redeem, but those who had the right to say so..are no more, they've "officially" stopped appearing 1400 years ago.

The point I'm trying to make is simply this:

Anyone who tells you how to live..and NOT let live, is off the "Righteous" path..in a day and time where cultures and traditions merge with modernity and globalism..one remains loyal to their roots..religious, as well as cultural, but creating enemies of brothers is not a conspiracy..it's of our own making; cocooning ourselves in shells..centuries-old shells...of religious and cultural superiority.

We need to come down to earth..much like the people who gave us our religious values..and treat people in the civilized..tolerant, and noble manner God ordained.

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Mind Travel..

Every once in a while, I get into the mode of mind travel, I decide to go somewhere completely different than my reality..I'm constantly going back to a tropical island, where palm trees dominate the skyline, pure white sand stretch as far as one can seee, and clear blue water merges with the sky, as the horizon reaches the shy setting sun in the timeless distance between Heaven and Earth.

Quiet..with only the soothing sound of the waves rushing to shore, carrying long lost memories of people..slowly, and a tropical bird hums in the background, with a unique..relaxing sound, while the hammock sways gently, as the coconut saturated sea breeze tickles it..and me.

Mind Travel..in the speed of thought..faster than the speed of light, no Passports..no visas, no jet lag.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Ode To Lebanon

One would think, that the lifelong tragedy of war would unite, rather than divide. As I watch the inevitable unravel in the land of Elisar by the sea..I ponder, What is it..that makes this tiny land a battlefield of ideologies? Devine..mundane..with a degree of vanity when faced with the indescribable amount of distress and anguish such battles beget.

The usual cliche when it comes to war and peace, is the Beatles’ “Give Peace a Chance”, but in Lebanon’s case..our cry out is “Give Life a Chance”, for it seems that underneath the layers and layers of useless notes taken in meetings, round tables, press conferences, party meetings, alliances gatherings, strikes...are more layers of international indifference to the Human Plight of innocent people.

Pawns..of Flesh, on a real life Chess Board, Black on one side..white on the other, and ironically..both antagonists have the same view from above the board, they're the white..and the opposite is the black! The question remains..why are the pawns in on this?

No Ideology..no cause..justifies Death of innocence, no one has the right to decide that innocent people's misery is the road to salvation. Salvation..is in letting children play on the beach..fly kites and dream of their favorite flavour of ice cream.

Selfish zealists who think they hold the keys of Heaven and Hell should re-read the Noble sayings of people past..The Repudiation of Harm is more important than the yield of Benediction.

Whether we agree with one side or the other in this escalating conflict, we can never escape our moral responsibility, we cannot suppress the human instinct of Justice, people have had enough..of death, of blood, of politics, of games and of fear.

Let Lebanon Live.

On Patriotism

This post was originally inspired by Mind's "Why we should vote for Petra", and Quaider's "Why I Hate The Word Patriotic". which, according to Quaider would constitute me being a Blog Shadower! baseeta.

Patriotism is not a bad word, it's an act of belonging, being loyal, you can be patriotic when you're proud of belonging to your own family, Patriotism is being grateful..to your parents, to your family, to your people, and to your land.

Some people might use it wrongfully, but that doesn't make it bad, when you don't throw a tissue out the window as you drive, you're being patriotic..since you feel that all the land is your home!

Patriotism is a romantic idea..sometimes people hate it because it reveals their true colors..I was amazed by the Lebanese during the war, I'm still amazed by the people in Palestine, both in the '48 and '67 areas..staying in your house..or on what's left of it, when you're faced with the danger of death..is Patriotism, people who see countries as hotels..they pay the bill..or not..and leave whenever they want..are the same one's who are afraid of Patriotism..because they do not belong to anything.. but themselves.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Who's That Girl?

I was walking back home yesterday, and the most amazing face I've ever seen in my life passed me by..I looked at her as we got closer..before walking past each other..and I just had to stare..for a second longer, to store as much details of that dream in my mind as fast as I can..I looked stupid looking at her that way, but she kept on walking, failing to conceal a shy smirk..oh yeah, she knows her spell just struck me! she was probably thinking to herself "yep..another one bites the dust".

As I kept on walking, I thought..wow, this was quite a brain rush..Angels really do walk among us sometimes! and I just passed one.

I kept on walking, it was a bit cold, so I tightened my scarf around my ears, looked up to the sky..Thank you!, it's beginning to get dark, but at least it's not raining..I tuned to "Arthur's Theme" on the ipod, and headed back to reality..I needed to get some chocolate milk.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

On Passion

Not all Passion..has a physical implication, to me..it transcends into a compelling emotion that invades the mind and soul. When an aspiring artist..loses track of time, forgets to eat as he/she gives complete attention to a small detail in a painting..only to be forgotten in someone's attic when it's finished, that..is the embodiment of Passion.

When a man lays sleepless..listening to the blowing wind outside..wishing he were a leaf..flying in the direction of a loved one's window, then blowing right inside..touching her hair for a fraction of a second, or standing in the rain waiting for her to come out..and smile at him, that..is Passion.

When a Lioness..deep in the African plains stalks a prey, then carries it back miles away to her cubs..and sits there, waiting patiently, as they tear it up..despite her own hunger, that..is Passion.

When a mother wakes up in the middle of the night to check that her children are ok..covers them properly and stands there for a minute watching them as they sleep, that..is Passion.

When two people hold hands..and just sit there, that..is Passion.

People might forget what you say, but they will never forget how you make them feel, that..my friends..is Passion.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Yep...I've been tagged, An Oriental Blog tagged my humble self to reveal 5 things about me that people don't know...so here goes:

1) Until exactly one week ago...I didn't even know what a tag was, I still have doubts I've completely figured it out!

2) I'm left handed..and I wear my watch on my right wrist..when I was a kid, I used to be bugged for it as something weird! both being left handed and the watch thing, so I went to my parents and asked to be "fixed" to become right handed like my friends.

3) I gave a speech at the United Nations representing Jordan in 2004.

4) I love Cartoons, particularly The Warner Brothers ones, Looney Tunes..Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and the rest of family, I have the complete CD set.

5) In 2001 I had a life changing experience, which gave me a new perspective on life.

Mission Accomplished, I hereby tag anyone anywhere.

That's all Folks.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

On Faith

It is the fuel of our lives, the power within our souls, to keep on..living..trying; it is the the power that makes us wake up in the morning and actually get out of bed, shower..dress..and walk out..in the rain..snow..or blistering heat.

Faith..regardless in what, is the greatest charge to a human soul, it gives a man the confidence to propose to that woman, it gives that woman the sanity in her decision to accept that man's proposal...a leap of faith..into the unknown..but that in itself..is in a way a resolution of the soul..as it finds familiarity and complacency in the soul of that other.

Faith..is the force that makes a dreamer dare to dream of things impossible..and achievements unimaginable, faith..took us to the moon, gave us the masterpieces of Beethoven and the Beatles..the gems of Gibran, Tolstoy, and Marquiz. It discovered lands, won wars, and united..and devided people.

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark..it knows light is coming..soon.

Monday, 15 January 2007

Happy 3eed el Shajara

Yes..apparently today is 3eed el Shajara..may you and all the trees among you have a green, fruitful year, free from the threat of deforestation, fire and termites.

This was a big deal when I was a kid, 3eed el shajara was actually a public holiday if I remember correctly..it was so much of a big deal that we were forced into packs of gardeners..carrying small trees on our backs..and heading to the closest dirt filled corner..to plant our beloved trees.. contributing in the "Greenanization" of our land..there was a motto back in the 80's..towards a Green Jordan in 2000.

It's 2007, 3eed el Shajara isn't a public holiday anymore, people are actually turning farmlands into iskanat and malls..where small trees are sold..or in the worst case scenario..turned into mala3eb fa6bol..Zaman..we used to respect 3eed el shajara..it was part of giving back to nature once a year..in return for what nature gives us every day, it was also part of the package of respect we were brought up to use wherever appropriate.

Today..some people don't even acknowledge the rights of other people..let alone that of nature!

Happy 3eed el Shajara, and many happy returns of the day..though I doubt it!

Saturday, 13 January 2007

On Beauty

How does the mind interpret Beauty? is there a mental guide on what should be perceived beautiful..and what shouldn't? there are instinctive trades embedded in us all, feeding our "system command HQ", and giving us orders to react, through a complicated series of chemical reactions, as we are exposed to Beauty; in sight, sound, and smell.

From the mysterious beauty of the Mona Lisa, to the not so mysterious non beauty of the Condaleeza, the two extremes..despite the phonetic similarities..makes you ponder with awe!

Beauty..is the Mirror to the Greatness of the Creator, a Beautiful face bears the invisible signature of the Greatest Artist, it carries the tenderness of a drop of dew lying on a new born rose at dawn..in a warm spring morning.

In Andalusia, Arabs grew gardens with flowing streams, pools and fountains, built monuments, palaces, schools and houses of worship, and decorated them with poetry, and verses from the Qur'an..combining the ultimate, divine, timeless beauty, with that of the mundane, earthly..and the temporary.

One Thousand years later..those monuments remain standing, witness to the greatness of their creators.

Cordoba..a distant dream of Beauty.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

On Letting Go..

Life is full of goodbyes..it's a fact to which we have to resolve.
I used to get quite fussed up whenever I had to say goodbye, to my family, to my friends, to people I cared for, but with time..I discovered that it's an inevitable part of one's life.

Letting go is within us, when we breathe we let go..exhaling is letting go, meditation is letting go..or an attempt to let go, of the material side of our being..of our troubles and worries.

Despite it all, Humans are social beings; they belong, and when they part, they miss.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

On Being Nice

Among God's names..I'm most fascinated by the ones related to Giving..and Forgivig: The Giver of All, The Bestower of Honors, The Forbearing, The Forgiver and Hider of Faults.

As Humans are the making of the Creator, He bestowed upon them His Devine touch..and gave them the ability to be giving..and forgiving..rewards for that are instintanious, you feel a weird kind of satisfaction within your heart..as you relieve the pain and distress of a person, however small.

Like a small brook, nestelling its path slowly..but surely..towards the river, this feeling possesses you..takes you through the clouds, subconsiously..and for a fraction in time, you become infinate..void from the boundaries of earth..as you..become an Honorary Angel..deliviring God's mercy..to someone who prayed for it..you..were the messenger..The Chosen One..to deliver the Devine answer..handed to you..through you..from God..on His Glorious Throne..to a fellow human. There is no higher honor.

Monday, 8 January 2007

Random Thoughts

Do Emotions have colors? if they did..why are they that particular color? what's the color of Love? I think it's a shade of Red, since red generates thoughts of warmth..but love isn't bright red, it's probably closer to Crimson..with a soft touch of Lilac..the color the sky sometimes gets at sunset, that's probably it.

Do they..emotions..have scents? Happiness probably smells like Vanilla..fresh..and sweet..Love has a citrusy scent..like the smell of fresh oranges..still decorating the branches of the trees in a dreamy village on the Mediterranean, they're saturated with the sea wind, which carried the invisible particles of satisfaction..exchanged in the glances of lovers picnicking on distant shores.

Success is maybe Silver..as it's not really a heart emotion..it's a brain emotion..the mind has a different set of rules of engagement..and value. Success is odorless, since it sometimes has to conceal itself in the defeats of others.

Sadness is Dark Green..it's sombre, subtle, and dignified..Dark Green has a comforting effect..it's also warm..but not a color of joy. Sadness smells like aged wood..heavy..and intractable.

God has given us signs..we should think about them.

Sunday, 7 January 2007

On The Pursuit of Happiness

This is my first post in 2007, amazing how time passes by..it is through both the contemplation of the future and the disdain of the past that one can distinguish happiness..real happiness..from common content.

Small things are probably the essence of clear..transparent..lucid happiness, the touch of a loved one can send hypnotic electrical vibrations through the mind..taking it into euphoric un-earthly state of joy..it lies in the laughter of a child..un-conditional..and true.

The pursuit of happiness may lie in material gain..but the joy one gets from intangible matters surpasses all.

Just like saddness lends delicacy to emotions..as Gibran once noted..Happiness lends even more delicacy to emotions..delicacy of the soul.