Wednesday, 17 January 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Yep...I've been tagged, An Oriental Blog tagged my humble self to reveal 5 things about me that people don't here goes:

1) Until exactly one week ago...I didn't even know what a tag was, I still have doubts I've completely figured it out!

2) I'm left handed..and I wear my watch on my right wrist..when I was a kid, I used to be bugged for it as something weird! both being left handed and the watch thing, so I went to my parents and asked to be "fixed" to become right handed like my friends.

3) I gave a speech at the United Nations representing Jordan in 2004.

4) I love Cartoons, particularly The Warner Brothers ones, Looney Tunes..Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and the rest of family, I have the complete CD set.

5) In 2001 I had a life changing experience, which gave me a new perspective on life.

Mission Accomplished, I hereby tag anyone anywhere.

That's all Folks.


  1. Jordan's position on Economic/Administrative Reform within the UN.

  2. loool well i wear my watch on my right hand, and im not even left handed!

  3. United nations ... Impressive :)

    Oh, by the way, welcome to Qwaider Planet

  4. Qwaider,
    Cool..Thanks! so do I get a passport?

  5. Nope, you don't need a visa, or a passport to access the planet, you're a planeteer :)

  6. me too, I never wear it on my left hand! I feel comfortable wearing it 3al yameen !!
    I also love cartoons :yai:

  7. Firts congrats on being a planeteer, we are fine till Q starts asking for taxes : )

    I second Q, UN impressive : )

  8. im ambidextrous, so raya7t rasi and i dont wear a watch min asaso :D

  9. Warner Brothers the best of the best :)
    and old cartoon are more better than now !!

  10. Jood,
    welcome to the club!

    Taxes?? I thought it was a Free Zone!!

    not only are you lucky with that ambidextrousness thing, you can lose track of time goofing around!, especially since you don't wear a watch to begin with.


  11. how am i lucky with that "ambidextrousness"?

  12. Well you're don't need to be fixed!

  13. and I tagged both you and Dima!
    I did not know that you guys answered the tag already, sorry!

    interesting. I love cartoons too, I prefer Disney movies.

  14. i wear the watch in my right hand, and i am a righty, guess I NEED TO BE FIXED :) seriously, i did that the first time when i was in my 8th grade, because my rist was hurting me, then found out that when i was filling the exam papers it was a lot easier to keep track of time, so i just kept it there :)

    one question though: whats the life-changing experience you had?

  15. Long story..let's just say it wasn't a great period of time.

  16. Nice things we now know about you ...

    wearing your watch on the right hand is a bit odd! I cannot possibly imagine doing that :P

  17. I'm starting to entertain the idea of a pocket watch!

  18. pocket watch only spells 2 words to me: cell phone!