Saturday, 13 January 2007

On Beauty

How does the mind interpret Beauty? is there a mental guide on what should be perceived beautiful..and what shouldn't? there are instinctive trades embedded in us all, feeding our "system command HQ", and giving us orders to react, through a complicated series of chemical reactions, as we are exposed to Beauty; in sight, sound, and smell.

From the mysterious beauty of the Mona Lisa, to the not so mysterious non beauty of the Condaleeza, the two extremes..despite the phonetic similarities..makes you ponder with awe! the Mirror to the Greatness of the Creator, a Beautiful face bears the invisible signature of the Greatest Artist, it carries the tenderness of a drop of dew lying on a new born rose at a warm spring morning.

In Andalusia, Arabs grew gardens with flowing streams, pools and fountains, built monuments, palaces, schools and houses of worship, and decorated them with poetry, and verses from the Qur'an..combining the ultimate, divine, timeless beauty, with that of the mundane, earthly..and the temporary.

One Thousand years later..those monuments remain standing, witness to the greatness of their creators.

Cordoba..a distant dream of Beauty.


  1. Here's a quote i read in Sophie's World, by Jostein Gaarder: {"And to be quite frank, that is precisely what we need philosophers for. Philosophers will try to ignore highly topical affairs and instead try to draw people's attention to what is eternally "true," eternally "beautiful," and eternally "good".}

    I guess it all coms back to our deep philosophical thinking to find beauty in something. These three elements are very connected yet very apart from each other. It has to be "good" to be "beautiful" but does it have to be "true"?? Many dreams stay "beautiful" untill the become "true".

  2. Dreams are perfect..perfect is beautiful by default..and turn is perfect.

    Although I agree with the philosophical concept of the perfection of the unrealized, I draw a line of realism on my be human is to be imperfect, admiring beauty is the closest thing to becoming perfect..even if it's only through dreaming.

    Thanx for the mind teaser.

  3. Lol @ "From the mysterious beauty of the Mona Lisa, to the not so mysterious non beauty of the Condaleeza"

    strangely i cant find anything beautiful about the MonaLisa..She had no eyebrows for crying out loud! and altho i am an artist and see beauty in almost everything.. i just cant seem to find her beautiful..

    beauty i assume is just a concept, an adjustable custom made concept.. everyone interprets it differently, it changes with time as well.. its anything that lets u go back for one more look, and its just never enuf.. whether other eyes agree with urs or not.. thats what i reckon.