Monday, 8 January 2007

Random Thoughts

Do Emotions have colors? if they did..why are they that particular color? what's the color of Love? I think it's a shade of Red, since red generates thoughts of warmth..but love isn't bright red, it's probably closer to Crimson..with a soft touch of Lilac..the color the sky sometimes gets at sunset, that's probably it.

Do they..emotions..have scents? Happiness probably smells like Vanilla..fresh..and sweet..Love has a citrusy the smell of fresh oranges..still decorating the branches of the trees in a dreamy village on the Mediterranean, they're saturated with the sea wind, which carried the invisible particles of satisfaction..exchanged in the glances of lovers picnicking on distant shores.

Success is maybe it's not really a heart's a brain emotion..the mind has a different set of rules of engagement..and value. Success is odorless, since it sometimes has to conceal itself in the defeats of others.

Sadness is Dark's sombre, subtle, and dignified..Dark Green has a comforting's also warm..but not a color of joy. Sadness smells like aged wood..heavy..and intractable.

God has given us signs..we should think about them.


  1. Well thank you :)

    I wanted to tell you that you are right emotions have colours and tastes and smells and actually physical sensation... for example anger i feel in my stomach... love in my lungs (or heart?)..etc as for colors they are abit different for me.. for example sadness is blue... definitely blue...i am sure you know the song when i am feeling Blue by Phil Collins! it must be blue... there is no other way... :) I liked your post

  2. Thank you..well..Phil has his opinion..for me..Blue is the color of infinate as the skies and seas.

  3. I think that at the moment, I'm a mixture of crimson red bittered with dark green smelling like aged wood.

    Loved what you wrote, came just on time.

  4. Lubna, my pleasure, our aim is to please the masses.

  5. I love what you wrote ….its beautiful

    I thought I would disagree with you on the colors you gave to the feelings, but I find myself to agree ….so I'll add if you don't mind

    Crimson red is the love of a young man and a woman, it grows to mahogany red with years and children and shared joys and tears

    Green is the color of sadness but a friends worm affections could turn it to lime green that is not sure or confident but still is not heavy and burdening.

    Deep Blue is the color of fear, its dark and cold and lonely

    I don't know about smells ….but I would say that love smells like the sea breeze meeting the pine trees on the hill

  6. Tamara,
    Thanks..but here's my theory..emotions..are timeless, so..their colors are timeless too, love is love..old or will always be crimson with a shade of lilac.

    I don't know about the rest..but no emotion is of bright color..anything that comes from the subtle..even if its cheerful.