Thursday, 11 January 2007

On Letting Go..

Life is full of's a fact to which we have to resolve.
I used to get quite fussed up whenever I had to say goodbye, to my family, to my friends, to people I cared for, but with time..I discovered that it's an inevitable part of one's life.

Letting go is within us, when we breathe we let go..exhaling is letting go, meditation is letting go..or an attempt to let go, of the material side of our being..of our troubles and worries.

Despite it all, Humans are social beings; they belong, and when they part, they miss.


  1. Letting go is the hardest thing I had to do when I left home. I still 12 years later can't erase the faces, the emotions of the last minute before I turned my back.
    Now, am learning a different way of letting go with my own kids who are growing up and need to learn how to fly solo.This proved to be even harder.
    As for letting go of our trouble and worries,don't even try.

    Nice blog,

  2. Thanks Noura, I said, humans belong, so when they part, they miss.

    troubles and let go but they don't!

  3. I live in Jordan and visit my family in Riyadh every four months. I think i am used to goodbyes. I only got depressed the first time i had to leave. After that, it has been as easy as
    "yalla bye". I guess i am tending to focus more on the idea that " i will see them in four months" rather than " i will leave them for four months." However, the most hurtful goodbyes are when you know you won't see this person again.Hoon elmana7a :(

  4. An Orinetal Blog, good point, but keeping the philosophical mode on..letting go has degrees, family let goes are painful..but there's always a hidden silk thread that links you to your family..the thread is unbreakable.

    Welcome to sharkland.

  5. Saying 'Goodbye' is the thing I ALWAYS ... ALWAYS avoid...

    even if i have to run away.. to dissapear.. i'd do whatever it takes me to avoid this...

    No matter how strong I become, saying 'Goodbye' will always be something I won't be able to do!