Monday, 15 January 2007

Happy 3eed el Shajara

Yes..apparently today is 3eed el Shajara..may you and all the trees among you have a green, fruitful year, free from the threat of deforestation, fire and termites.

This was a big deal when I was a kid, 3eed el shajara was actually a public holiday if I remember was so much of a big deal that we were forced into packs of gardeners..carrying small trees on our backs..and heading to the closest dirt filled plant our beloved trees.. contributing in the "Greenanization" of our land..there was a motto back in the 80's..towards a Green Jordan in 2000.

It's 2007, 3eed el Shajara isn't a public holiday anymore, people are actually turning farmlands into iskanat and malls..where small trees are sold..or in the worst case scenario..turned into mala3eb fa6bol..Zaman..we used to respect 3eed el was part of giving back to nature once a return for what nature gives us every day, it was also part of the package of respect we were brought up to use wherever appropriate.

Today..some people don't even acknowledge the rights of other people..let alone that of nature!

Happy 3eed el Shajara, and many happy returns of the day..though I doubt it!


  1. كل شجرة وانت بخير :-)

  2. Things are going from bad to worse, when it comes to nature. West Amman was once upon a time farm land that is rich, now we have stone forests instead of greenary. Alas

  3. abu shakush:
    Wo inta salem ya sidi

    True..look at jordan in Google Earth..Amman in particular..its forest of white and grey..we don't have much water..but we can find ways to errigate trees..they don't need Evian!