Tuesday, 30 January 2007


This Post was actually a challenge given to me by the anonymous "commentator" also known as Noura, so..here goes it:

So far, I've tried to avoid matters of the Heart..as much as I can, and if needed..as covert as possible, for they have had a huge effect on my life, and on the composition of my personality.

I'm constantly captivated by an "Eve", an actual one..or one that's only visible to me..living inside my head..the sole common thing between the two is their noble mystery, the kind of mystery that would dissolve a grown man into a school boy..running up and down the library isles in search for the hidden truth behind the great mysteries of ancient Greek mythology.

Eve can be cunning, but her doing so is a natural defence, justifiable..in the instinctive sense of the anthropological argument, but her cunning, when we like it, is called seduction, one of the most beautiful arts of womanhood..an art where men were destined to be amateurs..even if they do sometimes reflect signs of genius. Seduction, is a woman.

Nothing is more beautiful than being taken on a mental trip to the stars by someone.. mind seduction..when a woman has the "perfect" mind..bearing in mind the relativity of the term "perfect", it somehow reflects the perfection of the Creator..how amazing is it to have beauty represented physically..and mentally.

To me, Everything beautiful is a woman, Amman is a Woman, noble and dignified, Motherhood, the highest, most supreme of all human relations, Patriotism is a woman..despite the frown some people might have upon its "innocence", Spring, Love, Music is a woman, Belonging, Longing, Victory, and yes..Defeat.

I'm a man who's captivated by Eve, there might not be a perfect Eve, but there certainly isn't a perfect Adam, for relativity..and imperfection, are only human, and some day, Freedom from the laws of Earth; gravity, and relativity will echo Sinatra’s song..Fly me to the Moon.

To be continued..


  1. Ammar,
    Am really speechless..I am not going comment now,I don't want to say anything to ruin it or take away from its beauty...am really at a loss for words...I will come back though..
    Less than ten minutes ago I left a comment on a previous post" on passion"..

    I thank you.

  2. That was amazing .... Absolutely wonderful

    Would you be kind enough to allow me to disagree with you on a little point?
    I think every eve is perfect, and every Adam is perfect too.
    Unfortunately our definition of perfection is so exaggerated to the point that it could never be achieved!
    An Eve is perfect with all her faults, that's the beauty of Eve, the beauty that spans continents and overwhelms the world. It transcends through the ages, defying history.. as if it was the first day she blossomed

  3. You had all my emotions flowing in here. I can't believe what I just read, and I can't tell what it made me feel, or even describe it. I can't believe that someone can put it this beautifully. Ammar... I loved every little word, verb, noun,adjective, feeling you wrote in here.

    I have to save it somewhere very near me, to come to it more often. I come over and over to read the colored emotions post, and I thought that it's my very favorite, I guess now it's got competition!...

    Loved it.

  4. Wow Ammar, i'm speechless. It's one of the most well written pieces i've ever read. No writer can be more sincere about his opinion and feelings. I felt i was watching a movie while i was reading. What i loved the most is your choice of the picture!!! I mean when you say "Eve" you imaginge a very pretty - model-like- women. But you chose another picture of Eve that tells a different story of her "Evism" in each wrinkle. *Applause*

  5. First,judging from the comments,that challenge given by "Noura" was good..so,hats off to her too;)

    When I challenged you,you know pretty well that this wasn't what I meant, but since you have given us this piece written so eloquently,you are forgiven. Actually, this was a smart move,who wants to upset and get in trouble with the ladies !!

    I don't think there is a "perfect" Eve or Adam,they exist only in our minds who shape and mold according to a vision and each one of us has a different idea of what perfect should look like.

    "Nothing is more beautiful than being taken on a mental trip to the stars by someone"..Now,that is perfect to me.
    You finished it all off by a trip with Sinatra, just like icing on a cake..Looking forward to part two..
    Again,thank you.


  6. Ammer

    Very well written, in a few paragraphs you have fitted such deep thoughts, and you did it with style.

    No Eve is perfect (I do come really close though) and no Adam is perfect, the trick is to find someone who compliments your short comings, and you compliment their short comings, then you have a perfect Adam and a perfect Eve …

  7. Ammar,
    I enjoyed every word you used at your Eve... post, not because Iam an Eve, but because you could reach to the point of understanding the female mind, while i was reading it I felt that there is someone start telling all our secrets...I hope all Eve's on earth would be the same as you imagined them...


  8. Well..
    Thank you all for your compliments, and your insights.

    I'm not going to answer you seperately, but I genuinely believe that the most beautiful "post" is yet to be written..and I shall be waiting for one of you to deliver it.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. ehem, can i beg to differ? thing is, Besara7a, i always found men a lot better at "romantic" words than women, thats their defense line against women's harsh mood and mysteriousness! hats off, u got quite a lot of give-up responses. I like what you have written, but (please forgive me), i dont believe it :P bokra benshoofak, when u have to honk the car 1000 times waiting for HER to fix her makeup :p

    as for myself, lets say I articulated my request in my man with a simple desciption: baby man ;) because im so down to earth, that's what compliments me. as for nice words coming from me (all my friends are praying for THAT to happen), nobody is gonna hear them except.. HIM.

    And Noura, can you beat him please? PLEASE?

  10. WoooOOOooW ! This is what I call a WoooOOOoooW

  11. ya3ni, if you were getting paid for this, I would have asked you for commission.....lol

    Mariam ayyash: I wish I can beat him..I have first to set my mind free,clear it from all the cob webs,learn how to fly,and to dream.By then,he will be on some best sellers list..


  12. Mariam,
    Tayeb..I'll keep you posted about how my relationship with "Eve" progresses..but believe it or not..I doubt you would though, I will be very happy to wait..as long as it takes for her to fix her makeup..although I don't think it would take more than 10 seconds, the best makeup in my book is a smile!

    As for your baby man..there's a sale at mothercare in London..check their website out!

  13. LOL! mothercare? i did not say a baby BOY, i intentionally said a baby MAN! and i thought ur gonna say that u just said in your post that ALL men are baby men, when they meet HER. guys love turning into babies! but i dont want just a guy, i want a man.

    3ala kollen, talk is cheap, i really doubt a woman would go out with only a smile on her face :) [by the way, i hate makeup, yeah so i will never be interesting enough :( but thats fine]

    by the way, soon im making a blog of my own, n ur definitely on the blogroll ;) u just "sweet-talked" me into it :)

  14. Ammar,
    Truth be told...this is by far your best!
    Despite the fact that I barely(if ever) give comments on your reflections, I need not offer any commendation, for yours is a talent that's yet to unfold!
    Keep gracing us with your revelations and words of wisdom...
    Do take care and God bless...

  15. Ammar,
    Is a "gmail" account needed to create a blog??..I doesn't seem to work if I use a yahoo or msn e-mail address.

  16. Not that I know of..but you probably need to create a google account..not gmail..google, you can use this link:


    you can then use the same user name and password to create a blog.

  17. HOORAY..it is done..
    Thank you very much, I really appreciate it..


  18. beautifully narrated, mother nature is a woman too, and absolutely stunning i might add.

    i've always been captivated by mentalities. personally i think a deep intelectual conversation is pure seduction. Eve, adam's rib, is merely a fragment i believe, but Eve mastered the art of beauty i reckon a little more than adam.. and frankly, it suits her! lol

    i love reading ur entries. always intreguing. bless!

  19. Proudpali,
    Thank you for the compliment, I absolutely ageree..beauty extends its finger tips into minds..hence the term, and the movie "a beautiful mind"

  20. You said to be continued..


  21. True..but I didn't say when!

  22. Well, I hope soon :)


  23. This has been a great post, i hope your not planning to retire while your on the top : )

  24. glad you decided to use one of my photos for this post.

  25. Is it? well thank you for taking it! its one of the most expressive photos I've ever seen..sorry for not asking first.

  26. mesh galeeeil abadan, perfect, is being perfect to complete what you were destined to do... It seems you were destined to write :) didn't you get published yet!?

  27. Thanks man, no not yet wallah, the "complete works" aren't complete yet!