Tuesday, 23 January 2007

On Patriotism

This post was originally inspired by Mind's "Why we should vote for Petra", and Quaider's "Why I Hate The Word Patriotic". which, according to Quaider would constitute me being a Blog Shadower! baseeta.

Patriotism is not a bad word, it's an act of belonging, being loyal, you can be patriotic when you're proud of belonging to your own family, Patriotism is being grateful..to your parents, to your family, to your people, and to your land.

Some people might use it wrongfully, but that doesn't make it bad, when you don't throw a tissue out the window as you drive, you're being patriotic..since you feel that all the land is your home!

Patriotism is a romantic idea..sometimes people hate it because it reveals their true colors..I was amazed by the Lebanese during the war, I'm still amazed by the people in Palestine, both in the '48 and '67 areas..staying in your house..or on what's left of it, when you're faced with the danger of death..is Patriotism, people who see countries as hotels..they pay the bill..or not..and leave whenever they want..are the same one's who are afraid of Patriotism..because they do not belong to anything.. but themselves.


  1. Thank you Ammar ... you have said it all :)

    It amazes me how some people would mark us as premitive and backward if we held tight to our countries and said that we were patriotic ... some things in life are patriotic duty no matter what any one says ... it is a fact that cannot be changed just because some people do not like it ...

  2. My pleasure Khalidah,

    If my Love for the land I belong to..not necessarily ethnically, makes me primitive and backward..then I am, if being democratic, liberal, open minded, leftist, universalist, consumerist and all those newly added adjectives to the dictionary make me cool and nifty..then I'm not cool..nor do I want to be!

    Being Patiroitic doesn't contradict with Free Choice!

  3. Ammar, I agree with your point. Being patriotic and having a sense of belonging makes you only more productive towards your country. However Qwaider's point and also my point is that it is really dumb for some people to mark things as patriotic, things that belong to their own peronal views, and categorize people under those assumptions as patriotic and un patriotic. There are things that we all agree on for being a patriot. But there are things that are just imposed on you, wether they make sense to you or don't. Personal veiws about patriosm should be taken into consideration.

  4. Dima,
    Hence my observation.."Some people might use it wrongfully"

    But What "some" people do..doesn't make me hate something,..if it's a noble thing in its core.
    Generalizing..is harmful, whether its positive..or negative.

    I'm not pointing fingures at anyone here..everyone is entitled to their opinion, but using bad examples to prove a point..doesn't prove it.

  5. Unfortunately, patriotism is used like a disgusting paint to cover up manipulative and negative interests most of the time.
    The word by it self may not have a negative meaning. But it doesn't allow for pluralism. Something many totalitarian entities don't even know
    Some government maybe Patriotic, while the opposition as well being patriotic too. Both viewing it from different angles.

    I really don't see the connection between patriotism and voting for Petra! I just don't. And I'm disgusted from anyone who tries to hijack the whole matter and turn it into a patriotic duty, because it is not! Pure and simple.

    See why I hate that word? Because it packs strong emotions and STRONG accusations if you don't comply making you unpatriotic which means a Traitor!

  6. Quaider,
    My argument is on the Principle of Patriotism, and based on that concept, I disagree with you when you say that Patriotism doesn't allow Pluralism, No..Patriotism guarantees Pluralism,or else it would be called an Anarchy..The most pluralistic societies in the world, both ancient and contemporary..are the most patriotic, from the ancient Greek Republics..to Switzerland, to Sweden, to anywhere you like in the “civilized/pluralistic” world.

    Now using examples to prove that Patriotism is dangerous because it dictates..or it condemns..doesn't mean that the fault lies within it, you are drawing similarities to the concept of “This religion is bad..since its followers are suicide bombers”!

    You can think what you want..and find the excuses that you like to make a point, but at the end of the day...Patriotism is a Value..among the valus one is taught when they're young..it is never an offence, nor is it a sin, its a positive value, it's our choice to use it..or misuse it..but don't condemn it to be evil and malevolent ..because of the way some people abuse it to their own interest..neither is it fair, nor is it right.

  7. Look, I like that you're smart and trying to argue specific matters. But this is way beyond beating a dead horse!

    As I have illustrated before, as long as someone has not actually attempt to invade your country. Is up for debate!

    I see it more patriotic to organize touristic campaigns all over the world than polarizing the local community towards a cause. My view of patriotism is a little bit different than yours. Yeah, I know.

    The word and it's opposite as I have also illustrated to you can not be used to describe different ideas. It falls short. It gives the impression of someone being unfaithful to their country.

    Patriotism as a concept is a very Nobel thing. In practice it's just a way to attack others. This is what modern history tells us. So many heinous acts are committed in the name of patriotism. That's why I hate the word.

    Thanks for the stimulating discussion ... :)

  8. You can be Patriotic without having to face an invasion..it's not a crisis stimulated action!

    Again, as I said...some people "misuse" it to their own iterest, but it's not the fault of Patriotism as a value, I would love to have something about Perta, or any corner in Jordan..on a billboard in London..that would be awesome..and regarding the 7 wonders thingy..we should probably address the world..rather than ourselves..cuz that's just stupid..we're 4 million in a 6 billion people neighbourhood

    About the stimulating discussion..its my pleasure..it's actually good brain excercise!

  9. Just popped in to throw one of my qwaiderizations,
    "Disagreement, is the eye-drops that broadens your horizon"

  10. That's why I'm here..Thank you kindly.

  11. i have to agree that the Seven Wonders issue really bugged me, and i too get annoyed by how people throw the word at me as if i dont have enough sense of belonging! i like to call things by their names, what does petra have got to do with patriotism?! my sense of belongng is for Amman, and for the economical state of amman to sustain we need tourism, thats why i voted for petra! thats it! i dont really care if petra ends up a poor unattended one of the worlds seven wonders! does that make me less patriotic?

  12. Nice blog and many thoughtful insights Ammar. Keep the good work. I am gonna explore more of your blog now.

  13. Batir,
    Thank you..welcome to the blog