Thursday, 28 December 2006


I've always wanted to say something about her..Amman isn’t simply a city..people usually affiliate cities with buildings, intellect, or maybe weather..but Amman has this mysterious aura..probably an aura inherited from the Gods of the Ammonites, The thought of that ancient Roman Ammani who came up with the idea to name it “Philadelphia” which so eloquently means “City of Brotherly Love”, the Blessings of passing prophets who at one point sat under a tree on her outskirts, ate a peice of bread made from the wheat of her fields, on their way to her twin across the river…Jerusalem.

Amman is not a city..its a blood line..a family tree..of prophets and saints..mothers and sons..warriors and lovers.

Monday, 25 December 2006

The Best Things in Life are Free!

They really are..peace of mind, feeling safe, content, being loved, being in love and having someone love you back, this tops it all..the greatest triumph of all.

Patience is a virtue, a blessing, in disguise at times..but that in its own way..being patient I mean..both eats parts of you..and feeds you at the same time..feeds you in terms of hope..for a day when all this waiting would come to an end, and eats parts of you since its human nature to be impatient..but sanity hangs by a thread when you resolve that being impatient will never make things you quietly submit to the will of God, and wait.

Merry Christmas, Happy Eid..your choice.

Friday, 22 December 2006


I'm in a very mystic mood, that of a wanderer in a desert, guided by a cool night, the sky is clear, and as stars shine mind leads me through a path of infinite infinite as the never ending trail of camels that cross the orient with spice and incense.

My heart is a rose..that blooms under the light of the mid summer night moon..and the rose has been in hibernation for too long, for the sky is filled with grey clouds.

As I write this, I listen to music..and no..I'm not drinking! but music sure has a certain weird effect on the soul, I even have a feeling that music might be among the eternal miracles that are witness to the glory of The Creator, as it penetrates the heart, and the reach the invisible bright flame of life that lies within us feeds it..with its amazing energy...taking the soul into a higher ground of spiritual superiority..amazing!

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Welcome to the Real World

Well...this is my first endeavour into cyber spacing my thoughts..which are anything but material for the fibre optic highways..or at least I never thought they would ever be.

I've always found it amazing how simple...yet complex..the human mind is, it can create a prince, a peasant, a saint, a sinner, an angel..a devil....all in one, depending on how life leads life..and time..make their own decisions..and we are but humble servants..who obey..willingly or the hope that we achieve our ambitions

Abstract? definitely maybe! but this ambiguity lies in us all..whether we admit it or not..we all are the dark corners of life..which are sometimes even more cruel than they appear to life is one big test..for patience, for resilience.

Obscurity? once again, yes..but who among us has a clear view of the ongoings of their own lives..what is real turns out to be a mirage..and what you perceive to be most of the time a trick of the brain..Pessimism? no...realism...we are living in a time and age where one is considered smart..when they're good liers..slick..when they're excellent con artists..and quite the diplomats..when they can convince you that they're loyal..when in reality..they're the reincarnations of Judas.