Friday, 22 December 2006


I'm in a very mystic mood, that of a wanderer in a desert, guided by a cool night, the sky is clear, and as stars shine mind leads me through a path of infinite infinite as the never ending trail of camels that cross the orient with spice and incense.

My heart is a rose..that blooms under the light of the mid summer night moon..and the rose has been in hibernation for too long, for the sky is filled with grey clouds.

As I write this, I listen to music..and no..I'm not drinking! but music sure has a certain weird effect on the soul, I even have a feeling that music might be among the eternal miracles that are witness to the glory of The Creator, as it penetrates the heart, and the reach the invisible bright flame of life that lies within us feeds it..with its amazing energy...taking the soul into a higher ground of spiritual superiority..amazing!

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