Monday, 25 December 2006

The Best Things in Life are Free!

They really are..peace of mind, feeling safe, content, being loved, being in love and having someone love you back, this tops it all..the greatest triumph of all.

Patience is a virtue, a blessing, in disguise at times..but that in its own way..being patient I mean..both eats parts of you..and feeds you at the same time..feeds you in terms of hope..for a day when all this waiting would come to an end, and eats parts of you since its human nature to be impatient..but sanity hangs by a thread when you resolve that being impatient will never make things you quietly submit to the will of God, and wait.

Merry Christmas, Happy Eid..your choice.


  1. Happy New Year
    Merry Xmass
    Eid mubarak


  2. Happy Eid and Happy new year... they are for free but they're more difficult to get than things which can be bought!

  3. Happiness is relative, socks..rainbow ones..can make some people very happy!

  4. Kol 3am w inta b5air...

    would like to know what "averroes" means?

  5. Sorry for taking a while, I was away on vacation, the latin interpritation of the Arab philosopher Ibn Rushd's name. He was a man who taught..thought..learned and enlighted.