Saturday, 10 February 2007

Thy Will Be Done

With each passing minute, with each breathe I take, I get closer..further by laws of physics; to my dream..away from my reality, whether one or the other is actually closer or indeed real..or possible, is still questionable.

My dream is a promise, not sure who made it, but I'd like to think of it as a divine promise, the kind of promise which you know that no matter how long it will turn into wisdom dictates that patience is a virtue..good things come to those who wait, God shall be with those who are patient..and so on and so forth with the rewards of patience.

But patience is sometimes forced..not a choice, it's also a cause for high expectations..the more you wait..the more you think your reward would be something so perfect it would erase the past days from your eternal memory..announcing you into your "Golden Era", where your eagle of a life would spread its wings covering the horizon as it takes flight..straight into unparalleled success and happiness..a kind which no human has ever before experienced...and you deserve to be the first one..if not the only one to realize it.

You're the one who would redefine the meaning of success..the meaning of happiness, as you were patient..beyond belief..a thread away from insanity, but you managed..somehow to keep the wires connecting reason to logic in your mind intact.

Some days pass so fast..others linger on with no ending..and on the question the point of it all, you question your faith in the possibility of "the promise", the probability of it all being a scam..and you're the last one to know..keeping you in the "redefinition" club..but transforming you into the one who would redefine the meaning of defeat..unprecedented human idiocy.

Time is a weird concept, you can never take more than one breathe at a time..hurrying it into bringing tomorrow tomorrow might bring your last breathe, so this the sun it and be thankful for today.


  1. Averoes, I really liked this post. Filled with God's good words that bring hope and peace.

    I was reading yesterday that God is just as concerned with the details of the journey as He is the destination. We look at success as the accomplishment of the goal, He defines it by the faithfulness we exhibit when steps are by faith 'the evidence of things unseen'.

    I will pray for you, and this leg of your journey on Monday!

  2. "the best things come to those who wait."

    I do belive in that.. but i started to wonder.. how real that can be by time :)

    All we can do is wait.. and see..

    nice thoughts .. and post..

  3. Patience is the key to reach the hardest wildest craziest unreachable dreams.

    Sometimes patience can be forced, as there will be no other way... but whether it's forced or not,,, on both cases- STILL- patience would be the only solution.