Thursday, 8 February 2007


Today, London woke up under a white blanket of snow, with the usual discomforts of winter, frozen sidewalks..and the always present danger of sliding your way into the ER, snow though has a comforting effect, it keeps the child in you in awe, but the thought of being frozen is not alien..some people have been frozen for a long time, even if their body temperature is considered normal, frozen is a state of mind. an intellectual process, shedding a light on the dark..but light is the partner of warmth..or vice versa, and with light..warmth, frozen minds might thaw into that is now..rather than that of then, whenever then might be, although once tends to head for eternal demise.


  1. Ammar,
    We have dug deep within in previous posts but this one has gone even deeper..This is freaking me out...
    From the word " awe" I had a smile, so am gonna stay frozen in those lines.I had once a sliding incidents,when I stood up, my right front tooth became a half one:)


  2. (I live surrounded with frozen minded people)

    Sometimes I feel that if I don’t really realize how frozen they are I might get infected... …

    That’s why I also stay in the sun... in the light of my thoughts… to make sure that the darkness of their winter... will not turn off that spark I have… that keeps my mind glowing

    Enlightenment... I love this expression...

    You inspire me.. To think and write... that’s amazing...

    Thank you

  3. Life,
    Thank you..but you probably gave me more credit than I deserve!
    I hardly think of myself as an inspiration..but that's very nice of you..quite a moral boost!

  4. Believe me I give no compliments when it comes to thoughts and writing…
    I give only the truth. :)

  5. Then I'm flattered for the honor!


  6. hi there

    Are u a member of indian friendfinder? I only ask because I read this exact post just now.

  7. Anonymous,
    No I'm not, this guy is a plagerist, please spread the word as this is my post as you can see from the date, his other post called Dream Catcher is also mine, I'd be grateful if you could please let the administrator of the website about this.

    thanks again for the tip.