Monday, 12 February 2007

Eve..Once Again

She reads my mind..a mystic nomad in her tent, staring into a crystal ball..seeing me..seeing her as I write these lines..she smiles, and lights some an attempt to gather the powers of this and the other have them implement the's working.

Eve has a hypnotic ancient which is inherited through the genes..Aphrodite had that same gaze, Venus..Astarte..Diana, they all had the same gaze..the same eyes, the same mythical charm, there's something sad in those the sadness in the eyes of The Virgin Mary, the sadness in the eyes of Hagar and Sarah, the sadness in the eyes of Aamina..a subtle that is submissive to fate, but still..despite the can see the future in her eyes..generations to come. Eve, is still I write these lines, and her call for the powers of the worlds to gather is being the long line of long lost Eves comes into congregation...Helen of Troy, Cleopatra and her foe Olympias, Balkis, Jeanne d'Arc..and the line stretches all the way back to the end of time, Eve is at color and scent to the black and white odorless world of "man" kind.

Eve looks into the crystal ball, deep into the future, maintaining her smile, she sees the congregation circles around..seeing what she sees, they all smile, in an emanated divine revelation..each in her tongue..recites a prayer..blessing Eve, and what she..and they..are witnessing.


  1. Dima(an oriental blog)12 February 2007 at 16:27

    Very well written Ammar

  2. Her eyes can pierce through the soul.I was taken by this picture and followed the search for her years after, she looked even sadder.

    If Eve is seen this way,even if by a few, am happy to be one...


  3. Dima,
    Thank you.

    you should be happy then!

  4. sho 7elw..

    Eve.. finally has an eye who see and knows what eve means...

    I am proud of you.. great Post..

  5. deep.. and very nice

  6. good one.. thnx for sharing!

  7. Did you see the update national geographic did on this picture? they came back I think 2 years ago found the girl and took another picture, the girl looked 100 years old ( I think she was 30 ) and the light in her eyes was extinguished...I am going to look it up , the picture I mean

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  15. Swee,sweet man..thanks for your help..really, I do appreciate it.

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    Have a great evening,