Saturday, 17 February 2007

The Night Shall Pass..

Why does Sadness feel good? Does sadness make you closer to God? as it makes you feel humble..small, and to an extent lonely..when your mind and your heart alternate control over your existence.

Sadness is my friend, he visits me at night, discreetly..and takes over me, he takes me places, brings me people..and then leaves, as I find my way back through the darkness. Sadness is good..every once in a keeps your senses heightened, as you face your days, it gives you a sense of justice, makes sure you treat people well, makes you smile in people's faces as you greet them in the morning, it makes you give..rather than just take, giving makes you feel better, it seasons your sadness, it gives it a boost as you feel your humanity, in this day and age of individualism and selfishness.

Sadness lends delicacy to emotions, it makes you patient, compassionate, giving, makes you transparent, takes away all the masks of modern day life..and brings you back down to the basic elements of your reminds you of others..makes you generous, you ponder on the misfortunes of others, their plight, their destitution and sorrow, and their own reasons for sadness. a heavy guest, but he's meant to be that as his effect when he leaves is never forgotten, lest you forget to be delicate in your emotions when you're on top of the world..look down at those who are sad..and delicate in their emotions as they look down at those who are below those seek comfort from above.


  1. I've always wanted to write about sadness... and had so many visions in my head! But I definitely wouldn't write it better than the way you pictured it in this post...

    It's weird yet very true, I've always believed that there are thousand ways to describe sadness, and we -as humans- find it easier to express it than to talk about happiness!

  2. Well without it, we wouldn't know what happiness feels like ..

  3. sadness he's been living with me for a while now

  4. So the song.. and then the words..
    and my days that have a mixtur of "a happy sadness"...

    oh.. how beautiful this post is..

    I really have no more words to say..

  5. very true, reading through I had some faces popping up in my brain. Wished that some would just sense "sadness" to appreciate what they have, while wished "happyness" to those who passed through difficulties recently.

    You're one of the rare males I read/ see/ know in my life who can be very expressive of his own feelings! that's very impressive and astonishing I should say

  6. وين راحت الغنية ؟؟ ولو خليها بعد شوي..

  7. As usual you write very beautifully and the feelings that ooze out if the words sound so sincere....

    Sadness helps us appreciate the good times...but the most beautiful thing is to be happy and spread joy, at the same time to be kind and gentle to others, that is the ultimate state of mind and heart in my opinion.

  8. Ammar,
    Pls when u have time, can u tell me how to post in short verses. Everything comes in one paragrapgh.
    Many thanks.

  9. Noura,
    you can do that by going to "Edit HTML" on the post you're making, you can edit how it looks from there, I think you would find it all in one paragraph there too if you find it in one paragraph now, so edit it there, spaces..paragraphes..and click preview to see how it would look when its done, and fix it to your liking then either save it to draft or post it.

  10. "happy sadness"..sometimes we feel happy when we sad..i just have a comment on the first part..i feel closer to god when i am happy not when i am sad...

  11. ان الانسان بلا حزن ذكرى إنسان

    جميل.. كالعادة

  12. Life is filled with happiness, sadness, tears, smiles, laughter and other emotions but when life gets you down, just be strong about it and keep your head up high and have faith in all things in life. Always remember: God is at your side, always