Wednesday, 28 February 2007

The Long and Winding Road..

On the One Thousand and Second night, he left the comfort of storytelling and mythical adventures of phoenixes and flying carpets, his mind was saturated with the thoughts of victories and defeats, princes and peasants, of sinners and saints.

He decided to relieve his fertile imagination from the daily duties of polishing the utopia in his head, he grabbed a handful of dirt and kissed it as he embarrassed reality, reality has thorns, and sometimes those thorns draw blood, but blood is an indication of life..or a trace of it, his blood was warm as it flowed from the dark secluded valley called his Heart, like the flowing streams in the deep jungles of Africa; unexplored..mysterious and maybe dangerous.

He walked East, in the direction of light, life is where light is, his mind was rushing with thoughts of discovery, renewed chances, and infinite possibilities, he looked down..seeking reassurance that his feet were indeed on the ground, as he took one step after another on the unpaved road, shedding his imaginary wings aside, he resolved to reach his destination..where light is, and where people know his name as they see his father in his eyes, his mother in his smile and both their unbreakable valiancy in his steps.


  1. OMG can you right something that is not beautiful! I just came form a horrible UN meeting ( as if there is another kind) and I really needed to read something as beautiful. thank you

    I lost too many brain cells today, but dare I say welome home ?

  2. Tamara,
    Thank you..I'm glad I could help you regain some lost braincells, I deliberately try to lose some of mine every once in a while, it helps maintaining sanity!

  3. This is so beautiful and so alive. What i really like about your writings is that they can be interpretated in several ways. It depends on the mood im in while reading. It depends on the place i was at before reading, and the people i was with. So everytime i read a post again, it feels like reading it for the first time. Keep it up Ammar, your blog might be your way to fame... that is if you're interested in fame.

  4. Dima,
    That's quite a compliment, Thank you.

  5. The images you project are can't help but to take this trip with you along the rivers and the valleys..I liked the last couple of lines of the last paragraph the most..It always makes me happy if somebody recognized my parents in me,especially my feels like he never left..

  6. It is unusally quit here???

    Is it possible that I may be صبتك بالعين

  7. Lol no I think its because its Friday..the blogosphere is a bit slow on weekends!

  8. so, it is not my fault..
    Because eveytime I visit here, I find it busy with comments or new post, so ..You know :P

    الحمد لله انو انا ما خصني، فيني ريح ضميري