Saturday, 12 May 2007

On The Delicacy of Emotions

At times, one feels transparent, like water..a see through entity, when the lightest breeze of air could penetrate your being..your bones, and reach the deepest most remote corner of your heart. when your voice becomes an echo of a distant forefather, or a distant great grandson, your eyes a capturer of memories..those of your own..and those of those walking around.

It rained today in London, and the rain washed the green landscapes, as it washed me..I deliberately walk in the rain sometimes..without an umbrella, it gives a feeling of renewal..a baptism of the soul, the water is not that of The River Jordan though, but none the less, it is one fresh from the wells of heaven, where angels and saints roam, and where eternal sunshine lies.

I saw on the news last night something about a cat adopting some chicks, they jumped on her head, poked her belly, as she laid there. Examples of Compassion never seize to amaze me, the hunter and the hunted, removing all rules of nature, renewing hope..despite everything..and proving that there is no Impossible.

I walked in the rain today, and as people hid from the divine shower..under umbrellas..coats, I embraced it..rain is a blessing, that's what they why hide from a blessing?! there was a little girl holding a little umbrella..she had cute pigtails, and as she walked home from school, she skipped with happiness, children know when a blessing is being given. I kept walking, as darkness drew closer, the sky had this dark blue/purple color..The color of longing.


  1. "and those of those walking around"

    he is a previous colonel in the American army, i saw lots of stories in his eyes yesterday. blue, sad and nitric eyes.

    Hey Ammar

  2. Hey Lubna..I feel like I picked up the phone on you..huh?!

  3. :) Nice post. Very colorful.

  4. Thanks Roba..glad you liked it

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  6. This post sound so musical to me as I read it..
    love it!

  7. I always loved those posts labeled as "reflections" or "revelations", am glad they are back :) and yes,rain is a blessing ..

  8. I'm reading your post and looking at the rain outside my window ( yes it is raining !)

    Great post, I guess as we grow older we loose touch with our pure side, the droplets of rain on our face come to remind us of things that we might have forgotten.

  9. Dima,
    Glad to supply refreshemnt.

    Thanks..glad you liked the sound of it.

    I'll let you in on a little secret, I like writing for those labels too..makes me think.

    yeah I've heard about the rain part in Amman, ya sitti good deal..the rain supplies the Ambience for the reading this post, like the term best served chilled, this post is best read while raining.