Monday, 21 May 2007

On Time

I've noticed a couple of new grey hairs in my head, and I have to be a bit cocky and claim that they look cool..along with their predecessors! this of course is happening as spring is blooming around, interesting contrast..the rules of sunrise and sunset, time..makes its own decisions, but the idea of a certain slot of time assigned for each one of us to do whatever we like, or quite intriguing. There's something weird about the thought of our "quick" appearance on this planet's proverbial film roll, some make a short appearance, some make a long one, some are in the the corner of the screen, some are outside the shot, and yet have all the players in their hands as they move them like puppets.

Some people pass through our lives, and make a huge effect, parents..friends, an effect that might stay with us till the day we leave, others make an that is lost with the first wave that washes them..and their effect, and some just pass by our own time do we.

There's a tree outside my window, and so far, I've seen it lose its leaves, bloom with beautiful pink buds, get a green coat, then lose it..and now the pink buds are about to make way to the new green I watched from the same window..watching nature is an interesting way to contemplate over the thought of existence..a circle of life.

One's selfishness dissolves in minutes..when you realize that you're better off leaving something behind..for people to remember you by..a selfish thought in its core, yet in achieving it you achieve a selfless act, people would remember someone who affected their lives..affecting people's lives needs an act of giving..intellectual, or physical, an eternal fingerprint of a sort.

Time never pauses..and as we move ahead with it..we get closer to certain predestined dates..our first steps, our first day in school, our first..everything, and our last. There's a certain mystery about coming of acquired sense of wisdom, a reservoir of memories..experiences, that is never filled, it is all summed up in the live, you learn!

Keep your eyes..and minds open.


  1. I felt that in a year...
    A year changed a lot in me...
    I met many.. Got attached to some.. And walked away from some..
    But through this year. .I realized that I touched lives. And its great..
    To feel that you are not just a single unit in this universe.. And that what you do.. Doesn't only effect your life.. But has to do with others ...

    Grey hair is so smart on some men.. I like it.. :D

  2. I like grey hairs :D !!! a couple won't hurt :P It adds some intelligence .. haha

    I'd like to be from the ones who make a huge effect, and I REFUSE to be from the ones who pass by without doing any difference.

  3. Nice post! to me its interesting how we run or in cases glide through life, without even sensing the presence of time. its all about our next steps and goals. but then something so small like a couple of gray hairs, gives us a gentle reminder that time does exist and that the clock is ticking.

    * and the difference between men and women is evident in the fact that you did not through a tantrum over a few gray hairs : )

  4. Life,
    there are certain stations..that we stop at in our lives, where we would go off..and ride a different train..milestones.

    making a difference in one person's life is man..or woman, is humanity.

    very true, and if I could have a party each time a grey hair appears..i think i might have a monthly carnaval!

    finally, and staying with grey poet describes them as the medels given by certify manhood.

  5. I like grey hair too. But anyway, before I saw the image you attached with the post, I was thinking that your style is very surrealist.. then I saw the image.

  6. when you saw the image what happend? because this particular image has a certain connection to a certain artist, and from your comment, you probably know who.

  7. I think once we start noticing "time", it start running faster and harder to catch up..Like you said each season has it's own beauty and the type of mark it leaves behind..much like us..I like to think that I will be remembered, thought of because of something I said or did..

    I don't know how these "few" grey hairs look on you but I can only imagine that they must look good..I like a couple of grey hairs on a man :)

    Salvador Dali:Clock Explosion..

  8. Bravo Noura, you just won yourself a baloon, you can pick it up at any baloon selling place, just say I sent you.

  9. Hehe.. I love Dali...
    And you know what.. He usually have a butterfly somewhere in his paintings :D
    I will buy myself a ballon too :)