Sunday, 27 May 2007

On The Stranger Within

In each single one of us, lies a stranger, someone we don't recognize, we do not know, he steps in occasionally, says hello, sits and has coffee with us, we talk, but then we never introduce ourselves to each other. He makes decisions on our behalf sometimes, most of the times those are the one's we regret..simply because it wasn't us who made them, it was that stranger within, that which we don't know, and yet, we permit him to become us for a brief moment of time. Some people are very accommodating..they let him take over longer than he should, and as a result their lives are never normal again, or take longer to repair.

This stranger has all the time in the world, he has all the means, all the will, he knows you very well, he knows when you're vulnerable, when you're weak, he lends a shoulder, gives a hug, but in doing so..he doesn't save your life, he might even be doing the opposite.

That stranger steps aside..disappears, whenever you sit and ponder..on how you could have done something, or not have done it..regret is the awakening of you, the realization of that foreign being within you, who took control and made decisions.

Some people lose their reality, and become that stranger, hence the saying: "you've changed" which by the way is a nice song, I like the version by Eva Cassidy, check it out if you can.

I have my stranger too, and I'd like to think that I still haven't reached the point of him taking over me completely, he takes over me sometimes, and makes decisions, ones I regret, but thankfully they're not irrepairable. Strangers know when to stop, and what their limits are, and the more space you give them, they'd double it and move forward.

We all have strangers within, keep yours on a leash, because you can never lose them, or should I say they would never lose you.

One last note; strangers of the same kind also exist around you, the good thing about those is that you have the choice to lose them, even if they have all the intent not to lose you.


  1. well , how do you know that he's the tranger inside you , maybe you're the stranger inside of him !!

    for me , we're not only 2 , we're sooooooooo many , in every occasion one of those "strangers" comes out .

  2. Yeah..well its like looking in a mirror, no matter how many reflections you see, you know that the only real one out there is you! the others are all reflections..strangers.

    welcome to sharkland!

  3. Sometimes that "stranger" is no stranger at all..We keep it under a lock and key because it is the version of us that can not be : The free,the dreamer, the courageous one that doesn't abide by the rule or fall into social traps, the one that keep the kid inside us alive and well..We let it out sometimes without censorship, just to have a breather from reality,to do and say the things that real us knows better not to.
    I keep mine on a leash, I let her out from time to time to keep her alive..

  4. Personally I love my strangers, I like the fact that they come over for coffee and a nice chat. but they don't make my decisions for me, I just like to hear what they have to say. believe it or not sometimes what they say is the right thing, but we don't have the courage to listen and when we do we just chicken out later.

    * PS: great song !

  5. Strangers can both be nice and evil, the point is that they're not the real you, and you know it.

  6. I love this post simply because it's a very new thought.. and in what you blog there's always something new, something unique... !

    The stranger within can be the one who can't forget or forgive .. the one who keeps the pain alive, the sad memory there..

    The stranger within can be the one who keeps asking and looking for revenge,, would be the one who keeps pulling you back to the past when there's a bright present and a promising future..