Monday, 30 April 2007

On Emotional Maturity

As I read my favorite blogs, I've noticed the recurrence of a certain theme, relationships, mental attraction, and intellectual intimacy, very interesting subjects indeed.

I've once wrote that to me..intellectual seduction is one I admire, it shows beyond the obvious, there's nothing more "perfect" than being taken on a trip to the stars by someone, physical beauty is the first impression, but first impressions can change..with time, to the better..or worse..once the intellect kicks in.

No two people are alike, but people who can't read their own emotional chart are more proned to mis-reading other people, mixed signals are signs of emotional ineptitude, in its innocent form, and emotional manipulation, self gratification through control of someone's its most sinister form, some might think that they're "having fun", people are entitled to have fun as much as they like..but there comes a time when commitment is a sign of responsibility, moral..and emotional, and hopefully by the time this happens..people would've reached "Emotional Maturity", not just the age seen by society to be right for commitment, otherwise, all the past childish "fun" would result in a very rude awakening to one's personality, causing lifelong problems, and sadly..more often than ever..very short lived happy marriages, or marriages..period.

When you know that you're capable of adding something to someone's life, when your life reaches the point of wanting to give rather than take, emotionally..intellectually, you probably are on the doorstep of emotional maturity, what I'm talking about here is the intangible aspect of commitment, the one only you..and that certain other would experience, intellectual intimacy. Minds interact away from the rules of nature..and society, they can literally be together while being physically a thousand miles apart..although it would very much help to be in the same room, as vision, sound and scent increase familiarity, it doesn't matter if that same room was shared with a thousand other people..minds tune to a certain wavelength..a shared station..the remaining stations of all humanity are turned off.

I like observing people..despite the famous related proverb, you tend to learn from people..if you're not selfish to the point of not looking beyond your own nose, another sign of emotional maturity.

Random Thoughts.


  1. A wise man once told me that people are like dough we share the basic ingredients which are 70 %, the difference between us is in the 30% different additives we have, so if you figure your self out and your own emotions you will understand 70% of the rest of the world, the rest is figuring out who has chocolate, who is vanilla and so on. So people who are mature enough to understand them selves are at a better advantage to understand others. And they know exactly what they want which makes them easier to deal with on so many levels and so much more interesting.

  2. I dont know how this might sound like.. but when I read your comment on Dima's blog..
    I knew you will write a post about it.. :) I liked it there..

    And here i love it...

  3. That is all true and beautiful if it happens !!
    But, the question is are people willing to put the time and energy to know somebody on that level and make that connection..?? Are we willing to invest in each other to experience intellectual intimacy which is much harder to reach ??..
    Some people are emotionally mature but think it is simply "weak" to be attached mentally or emotionally to another human being..!!
    I guess lucky few will enjoy such level of mind interaction..Am either pessimistic or have no faith in people ?!

  4. Tamara, very wise indeed, ice cream wisdom is the best!

    lol well it sounds ok, I'm always interested in human behaviour, thanks.

    The Observer,
    Thank you.

    It does happen, sooner or later it happens, depending on the begining of a relationship, if the mind and its mysteries played a role in uniting two people, they will definitely reach the point of intellectual intimacy, emotional unison.

  5. Well said. Maybe it is the high number of youthful folk who I read and read my blog, but it is sad for me to see how little this higher level of intimacy is valued. Intensity wins over intimacy in youth.

  6. ya hala b kinzi,
    well, intensity is even more intense if the mind was also involved, this is a secret very few people know, or care to experience.

  7. Great post.
    I think that's one of my favorite aspects about blogging, it debatably tends to bypass the outside and cut you right through to the intellect (or lackthereof).

  8. Roba,
    Thanks, that's one of my favorite parts about blogging interaction of minds, before anything.

  9. dont ask me why, i was reading it to myself, and felt some burns in my eyes!! mish ma3gool

    loved it, every single word meant so much to me, felt like i share all of what you said.

    and i missed your blog.. really... missed it and it is my mistake, couldn't settle down to reading blogs for sometime now... but not anymore:)

  10. Lubna,
    My blog tends to have the effect of onions..I have to admit!

    Welcome back.

  11. lol.... i agree, but it is great that someone's mind can be that transparent to reach over through simple screens:)

  12. Ya sitti thanks for the compliment..akhjaltom tawado3na!

  13. what a lovely post!!? I can't believe how I miss those kind of posts from you :P

    You draw a big smile on my face.. keep them up! keep them up, please!

    I liked how you expressed and talked about this issue! I totally agree :)

  14. Dima,
    You started its "your fault" I wrote about this subject!

    Glad you liked it.

  15. Very apt!! I really like it :)

    Emotional maturity...this is a very complicated issue. I think I'll spend my life time trying to achieve "Emotional Maturity", and I wonder If I could ever call my emotionally mature.

  16. Abed Hamdan,
    you never know, you might wake up one day and discover you already are emotionally mature!

  17. !! نــورا مـرت مــن هنــا ، و مـن البـوسـت اللـي قبلـو

  18. im gonna add your article to my reseach work thanks for the info..

  19.'re welcome..but research on what? for what?

  20. requirement for my major subject as psychology major. we will gather profile about emotional maturity and since i red your article I decided to add your concept. just like that!

  21. my article is a concept for a psychology degree?! wallah I'm which university are u attending?

  22. hmmm... kinda!

  23. good deal..which university?

  24. I was searching for this post looking for some words of wisdom, looking for comfort in an attempt to understand this mystery called emotions !!

    Saying :" people who can't read their own emotional chart are more proned to mis-reading other people, mixed signals are signs of emotional ineptitude...." this statement got me worried and made me question myself..Am I messed up to this point, it is like I suffer from a mental and emotional chaos !!
    I don't know Ammar, your words make sense but I am still in denial and need your help ..

    Noura :)