Saturday, 7 February 2009



  1. He was a great king, indeed.

    And Haidar Mahmoud's poem is amazing... la2 la2 not because he's your father ;P

  2. He was, it is, and I know it's not, Thank you :)

  3. The clip is not loading at all Ammar..I tried earlier too ..
    I think I'll be able to find the poem somewhere and read it :)

  4. Not sure why that is Noura, it loads ok on Explorer and Firefox, I'm also not sure if the poem is anywhere online.

  5. well, it loaded just enough to see the title"layla karashiya"..I was able to find that it is either the voice of fayza ahmad or najat sagheera singing and a couple of lines:
    تزهو بعبأت الفرح الاخضر والشالات الورديه

    ياهاشم فافخر برمحاك راية عز نبويه

    خفقت وارتفعت بسم الله

    يا هاشم ياقمر الصحراء وسيدها

    زين بحضورك ليلتنا واحملنا فوق الاجنحه البدويه

    bas I found that your dad is a famous poet..Allah yekhaleeh w yetawelak b 3omro :)

  6. lol Noura, it finally loaded? it's actually "Laila Qurashia" as in Quraish, and yes it's Faizah Ahmad, and since you went ahead with writing some of the lyrics, here are they in the correct order:

    تزهو بعباءات الفرح الأخضر والشالات الوردية
    يا هاشم فاسهر بين رماحك راية عز نبوية
    خفقت وارتفعت باسم الله فكانت أصل الحرية

    يا هاشم يا قمر الصحراء وسيدها..زين بحضورك ليلتنا
    واحملنا فوق الأجنحة البدوية، وليتدفق نهر الحب سخيا
    ولتترقق نسمات الليل رخية

    ولتترفق يا حادي الركب، بوجع القمر السهران بعينيّ
    فأنا والقمر حبيبا عمر، نتقاسم دفء الوجد وسحر الوعد..وتورق فينا الأغنية

    يا هاشم..ما زلت أمير الركب، وفارس مهر الحرية
    والتاج الغالي فوق جبينك، ما زال التاج الغالي
    والكوفية ما زالت ذات الكوفية
    والراية لولا رايتك الحرة..كنا من غير هوية

    يا هاشم إني ألمح وجهك، ذات الوجه، بكل ملامحه الحية
    فأحس بأن العالم لي..وبأن الدنيا عربية

  7. Thank you Ammar for writing the rest of the poem.
    I didn't actually hear it,the few lines I had were the only ones found online. Somebody had them posted and asking if anyone knows the rest.

  8. Well now you know the rest, not sure why it still doesn't work though, try this, press play then pause, and let it load letting the red line go all the way till the end while it's on pause, then play it.

  9. Great poem as always.....A great leader and father we miss him