Friday, 23 January 2009

On Hope in Change

The ripple effect of Obama's rise to power is still taking its effect on people around the world, certainly in parts of the world where as one blogger put it, the legacy of the administration of he whose name we shall not mention caused much destitution and pain in the past 8 years.

There's a flare of light within us all, that seeks betterment, to ourselves -in its basic selfish form- and to those in our immediate sphere of existence, and beyond, since their betterment; or its reactions, would reach us in its eventuality, as the idea of 6 degrees of separation suggests.

There's a mysterious power that charges our souls into looking forward to change, even if that change is someone else's; it neither belongs to us nor do we affect it, but the mere feeling of hope in the possibilities of change transcends time and place, and is passed on around the world to be picked up by people whose need for change might even be more acute than that of those causing it.

The hope in change is an underpinning sentiment in human behaviour; people's lives and their fates are often driven by the hope in change, as Hope and Change go hand in hand when the disappointment in the monotony of the present suffocates our free will, even if our free will is tamed willingly under the rules of each and every one's own social contract with the rest of society. And often, Change is what we fear, as the Arab proverb suggests: What -or who- you know is better than what you don't know, a damning thought for repression and surrender to the present tense however frustrating, while Time in turn, in its basic physical state, never seizes to change.

This conclusion is reached as a result of the taming of Hope, the shrinking of the collective outlook of the future due to continuous disappointments in the perceived Hope with every dawning Change in our history, for the better part of the last Millennium. What remains in the end though, is the raw feeling of Hope in Change, anywhere and to anyone; as it sets an example to those among us who are either suspicious, pessimistic, or unwilling to believe in its inevitability, bearing in mind that Change; in its collective form, is only possible when Change in its individual form is achieved.


  1. Like I previously mentioned, we need to put Hope into Action.

    I, for one, have been hoping for a long time for many things to change, but change seldom comes from simply hoping. If change need to be done FAST, then hoping doesn't always work.

    If I hope for change, and you hope for change, and everyone hopes for change, nothing changes. Until someone decides to break free and venture into the scary world of taking action and responsibility.

    It is imperative that we take responsibility of our own lives. It's by damn time we did.

  2. KJ: I agree, but I was brainstorming the thought of change itself, in its collective meaning, bearing in mind, as I've explained in the last line of the post, that collective change is only acheived when individual change is realized.

  3. "Change; in its collective form, is only possible when Change in it's individual form is achieved." exactly!

    words of wisdom ya Ammar :)


  4. Secratea: Thank you, but that's a fact, I just philosophized it a little!

  5. Nicely put Ammar. I have started to read your blog only a few weeks back. I even ordered your book, "Confessions of a Vegetarian Shark". Keep up the good writing :)

  6. Thanks Chaotik, I'm glad you like it, Enjoy the book, although the new enhanced copy titled An Untold Tale is printed much better, but in any case enjoy!

  7. Do you mean the contents are the same? I asked about "An Untold Tale" here in Zürich. They only told me that they only have the Confessions'in their system. I'll check with them once more. Sorry :p

  8. Well they're the same with some aditions and better printing, it might not be in all the bookstores systems yet since it only came out last month, you can find it on amazon though.