Sunday, 26 August 2007

On Emotional Literacy

I've recently grown more aware of the learned aspect of emotional conduct, the one you tend to pick up as you grow older, or is put within you as a child by emotionally literate parents.

I've always been amazed by the effect of Good, but good isn't just a nice trait of character, Being nice to people is something taught, and I don't mean respect..for respect can be forced, but your own voluntary genuine feeling of compassion towards people is one of the greatest heights of Emotional Literacy, your smile in the face of people in the morning, your humility and tenderness towards children, the compassion and patience you give to the most vulnerable; children, older people, the less fortunate..the sick and weak, is learned..and taught.

Your awareness of the importance of making others happy, and your deliberate intent to make a difference, taking a minute to put a smile on someone's face..whether that someone is close or a stranger is a great sign of emotional literacy, for you reach the calculated conclusion of the importance of human interaction..positive interaction can create miracles, it might even be a healing force, it also makes you feel you provide a proverbial breath of fresh air to someone who might be gasping for it, Emotional Philanthropy is the highest degree of human conduct.

Never underestimate the power of kindness, a smile..a lending hand, can go a long way, it charges the soul with a mysterious probably blessed by angels, for kindness is a divine attribute, it probably smells like lilac and tastes like cotton candy, your execution of an act of kindness is an extension to the compassion of God towards His Creation.

I have enormous respect for people who work in Humanitarian aid and charities, those people are the most emotionally literate Humans..their minds are set up in a totally different way than ours, they wake up in the morning, they make someone's life a little bit better, and go back to being unnoticed only to do it all over again and again without seeking recognition or reward other than the recognition and reward from within, those people teach me..and us all a lesson every time we run across them, and by doing so..our own emotional literacy is enriched and complimented.


  1. really wonderful post :)

  2. well said! i totally agree.. and I admire those people too! To draw a smile on someone else's face or to give someone's life a meaning, and to be able to offer love, strength and hope, is an art. It's nothing that you can learn.. it's something that comes within you, the more you have it the more precious and rare you are.

  3. This is so true..

    People lack self awareness.. And so they are just lost in the self-centered world that spins only around them..
    The act of loving.. Giving.. And spreading happiness and peace.. Enriches the soul.. And that’s what they will never have!

    Beautiful post Ammar!

  4. Thanks 7aki..glad you liked it!

  5. Only you can hear and see, behind the eyes of the sleepers, the movements and countries and mazes and colours and dismays and rainbows and tunes and wishes and flight and fall and despairs and big seas of their dreams.

  6. Dylan Thomas says hi by the way

  7. Ammar

    You have no idea how many time I started to read this post ! something cuts me and I never read it through till today, Amazing as usual : )I just would have not called what you describe as emotional literacy.

    ramadan kareem..
    long time no post.. eshta2nalak! :) hope things are okay

  9. OKAY.. its been a whole month now!!!
    Say something dude! where are you! Hope you are okay..

  10. Ammar

    Passed by to see whats new, seems you have been missinig!hope every thing is well, and have a blessed Ramadan

  11. I cant agree times i have wondered if tbeing like that is a sign of weakness...for , at times, people may not appreciate it...but then kindness is needed more there where it is not appreciated\expected..thought provoking post! wonderful! :)