Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Thin Thread of Sanity

It was early evening..and the ancient sun was getting colder, as her journey across the western sky was about to way to serene darkness, and the last shy rays were teasing his face..causing him to close his eyes..not to dream, but to remain awake.

She still comes to mind..whenever light touches him. Light touches..invades without permission, often reaching the heart before the skin, and whenever light is gone, his being became possessed with a weird feeling of longing, a subdued one, he knew that night would always give way to light, and that it in turn would always give way to night..and in the short distance between the two, when the sky became washed in that distinct color of goodbye..whenever he witnessed that..his ever present sadness would mature..for he knew that the sky was expressing her own sadness..for parting with light, ironic..since that same sky would be literally glowing with that same color moments before light came back a few hours later. The color of a parting embrace..and a reuniting the same, the only thing that sets them apart is the freshness in the air of the latter, the scent of a renewed promise, a promise that is both kept and broken every day.

He sat on the cliff, every evening..and watched the sunset, he saw the sky turn her bright blue color into a sad shade of she fought with the thought of losing light, he saw the songbirds stop their singing and return to their nests in an act of protest and solidarity with the sky that carries their wings on hers. He sat and saw off that purple color of goodbye..and witnessed the return of darkness..every single evening.

The sky still glees in that same color every dawning morning, forgiving and forgetting the earlier unwilling parting. But he remains a resident of those moments between light..and night, and his slowly becoming purple.


  1. And its getting thinner.. yet more beautiful in your case!

  2. A "sunset goodbye" is not as sad because we know it is preparing for another glorious sunrise.. But in any other case the color purple becomes heart wrenching and sanity no more ..

    Noura :)

  3. ِAmmar, that was really nice!!!

  4. ya salaaaaaaaam!!!

    Took me to another world and back... :)

  5. Hope things are alright, mate... take care :)

  6. Life,

    very true.

    Thanks..and welcome to the blog!

    Thanks..and yes all is well, lots of work though..thanks for asking.

  7. hey, I love the music you have on "My Music "your ears" " ...who is the singer? he has a beautiful voice

  8. Thanks 7aki, its a Morrocan Sufi troop called Ensemble Ibn Arabi, The music is Andalusian, and the poetry is both ancient and of Andalusian times.

    glad you liked it.

  9. I do, can I download them somewhere? Or you got them off a CD?

  10. I actually downloaded them off a cd I bought, but I was first introduced to this troop by Noura:

    she posted the above piece from the cd which I loved so I bought it on amazon uk, not sure where you are but if yr in the states you might be able to buy it from, here's a link of the cd and you can sample the music on it: