Thursday, 14 June 2007

Eve..Encore Une Fois

She's still looking into her crystal ball, as I write these lines once again, a heavenly ode is being sung by a choir of angels, with golden wings and little harps, their voices are purer than the water from melting glaciers..tiptoeing gently through a small brook, and their smiles shine like the sun in a mid-summer afternoon, children are flying kites..colorful kites, with glittering tails, running in a field of lilies shadowed by a green hill overlooking eternity.

Her smile isn't a smile of simple happiness, but that of someone who knows they're a source of great joy, comfort and content..she knows she's got that magic, the power to turn an ordinary dull day into one from the pages of novels, with those same golden winged angels in the background..she never leaves their sight.

Eve is that same mystic nomad, sitting in her tent, seeing me..seeing her, as I write these lines, and with every letter I write, Eve's heart draws force of Gravity, nature intervenes to bring people together..people use their freedom foolishly sometimes.

The calmness in her eyes, with their narcotic..hypnotic effect makes even the most patient Buddhist monk in Tibet instantaneously withdrawn with enlightenment, the most sincere dervish drunk with ecstasy. Nirvana lies in her eyes. I'm still writing, and she's still watching, and in the time and space between us, with those golden winged angels, those children flying their kites, with the never ending sunshine..I remain.


  1. J'aime le titre francais, je ca aime vous voyez toujours la Veille comme une source de magie, pouvoir et pureté.
    Les postes de veille sont mes préférés

  2. Ammar,
    Merci pour ce poteau étonnant...

    I swear you know how to write man...very well written... you made my day :)

  3.'re very welcome..thank you for the nice compliment.

  4. Je ne parle pas francais tres bien :( ... but these are nice words though Ammar ... are they part of a novel you're reading/writing or just prose and thoughts you note down?

  5. No Problem Who..this place is multi-lingual!

    this is actually the result of a long day's work..doubled with a layer of unexplainable longing..with a side order of numbed missing.

    but then again..who's sane?

  6. Très très... Magnifique!!!

    You made my day too Ammar!

    I add you to my (beautiful mind) MINI list :)
    It only have few names in it.. and I dont think there will be more .. Khalas thats it! :)

  7. Life,
    Thank you..its an honour.

  8. Amazing as usual! My French is so limited I'm not even going to go there : ) your post smells of real people and an Intriguing story

  9. It's like looking at a colorful painting..Even the picture looks like whirling dervishes but in color!!

    Kites,fields of lilies and green hills gave a feeling of total freedom.. a freedom used wisely :)

  10. Tamara,
    I always enjoy your analysis..thank you.

    the best freedom in the world is the one out of this world! Thanks.

  11. Thanks Ammar, I guess mystery is part if the allure of your writings : )

  12. who-sane's comment reminded me of a question I wanted to ask you Ammar long time ago, have u ever thought of writing a novel?
    Your writings are fascinating, you should consider publishing books, seriously! :)

  13. thanks for the vote of confidence..I'll let you know when my first book is out!