Tuesday, 27 March 2007

A Storm of Loyalty

Minutes turned to hours, hours to days, and days to weeks, and our friend's mind reached her time after time, his eyes could look deep into hers as he looked into the night, he could smell her distinct rosy scent, fresh..it wakes up one's conscience, her brown hair cascading like a waterfall rushing down the highest mountains. She was the last thing on his mind before he surrendered to sleep each night, her face was the warmth of the sun that woke him up every morning, she was the intoxication in his sobriety, he was drunk in her mirth, the thought of her could make his heart reach his throat.

This trip was his pilgrimage, his past sins would be forgiven when he finds her, his soul would be washed by angels as she smiles at him, when she did..back in the days..he would literally feel that his life was complete, he would not need to eat or drink..the thought of her content was enough to break all rules of physics, he would become an ultra human, one who is powered by the most noble of all human emotions.

He was heading her way, from cities of obscurity, and palaces where the balconies look onto clouds, from longings inhabited by estranged tales of love, with a kind of joy and happiness never before imagined by the layers of sadness wrapped around his neck, he was like a poem not yet written.

One evening, as the seamen finished the day's work, the skipper gathered them and said he was feeling a storm in the air, he predicted it to hit them later at night, they lowered the sail, made sure all the ropes were properly tied, and waited for their enemy to charge, the rumbling of thunder announced the close invasion, lightning was like the distant shining of swords, the crew prepared for war, what war is this? man against nature, they knew it was an unwinnable battle, their strife was to survive, to remain standing, life is a strife against all kinds of elements, and this was one of life's tests, they sailed into their enemy's territory, as it forced into theirs, and with every minute, the wind became stronger, the ship became a kite, as it swayed right and left, the first attack of waves into the ship became stronger as the waves were getting higher, rain made it worse, water was surrounding them, it fell from above, came from beneath their feet, in a united charge of nature's powers.

The crew sought refuge in the ship's belly, on the lower deck, and as they sat there..they felt that the hands of Zeus and Neptune were bound together underneath them, water rose higher as the wind grew stronger, no one could tell what had happened next, except that few had made it out of the storm, the last thing our friend remembers was Jaffar's attempt to steer the ship out of the storm, he was the strongest among the crew, and the only possible match to its might, he had remained on deck throughout the night, by the first light of dawn, it became clear that Zeus and Neptune decided to conspire with their brother Pontus to bring Jaffar among them, Jaffar had managed to save the ship with his own demise.


  1. Is there such love as his love to her?

    You are a great writer Ammar..
    And I love how loyal you are to your readers.. I am Sure Dima will be glad with this storm…

  2. That was unexpected..but again life is full of surprises..

    looking forward to the next part:)

  3. Life, such love is the only right one, no middle ground, its the highest manifestation of selflessness, selfeshness is the antonym of love. Thanks for the compliment, and as always..we aim to please the masses!

    I wasn't expecting it myself! keep watching!

  4. I have just read the last three parts I have missed...amazing ! who is yor favorit writer\ book ?

  5. Thanks Tamara, well I have quite a diverse interest, from ancient arabic poetry to modern foreign writers, I can be cool and say that Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Paulo Cuelho are my favorite writers, but although I like them they're not, the works of Gibran are top on the list, I just like words!

  6. :D A storm!! hehe... very good Ammar, continue plz!

  7. WOW the first part is quite impressive.. strong touching words! it's more like an obsession :D

  8. I wanted to see what kind of effects are in your writing, and its diverse as I have expected. it is very clear that you love words ... the story line is very simple yet at the same time its breath taking, form the intensity and depth of the feelings in it, its interesting on the human and philosophical level more than in plot.

    Cant wait to read the rest.

  9. I just noticed the change on the blog title..

    Are all these nice posts done with "what's left of it"?? I think you are doing pretty well:)

  10. شو؟ وينك يا عمار؟
    Are u OK?? Hope this note find you well and in good health !!

  11. I'm fine thanks for asking Noura, I'm just tied up with some work these days, but I'll be back soon, thanks again for asking!

  12. ..يعطيك الف عافية
    and I thought you are on a cruise somewhere,on a hammock under the sun!!!
    Glad you're OK :)

  13. Ammar.. I was sure I would find a note from noura checking on you first.. but I thought I would do my part of it and ask..

    tamminna 3annak ... :)

  14. I thought I would find the rest of the story??
    طيب يا عمار هيدا الزلمة ياحرام بعدو منقوع بالمي.. ما رح توصلو ؟؟ يللا شد همتك طولنا بالنا كتير، ما هيك؟

    I left you a couple of lines in arabic on my blog to practice lebanese accent some more :)

    Again,good to hear from you..