Saturday, 24 March 2007


His comprehension of the politics of probability could not grasp the coincidence of fate he has just witnessed, he was on a ship in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, and before him stood a man who found freedom where he had lost it, Cordoba was the was the divider, where dreams came true and where they were lost. and now..this man..this prisoner of inhumanity was eulogizing the lost moments of freedom he had found in non other than The Grand Library of Cordoba, where his own life rocketed before plunging back down.

Jaffar turned out to be a man of wisdom, despite his ill fate, he conquered his own estrangement of land, of humanity..he compensated it with knowledge, and what better place to seek freedom..intellectual liberation..than in Cordoba, he learned to Arabic, as he read the masterpieces of minds past, he cherished the few hours of freedom he could have whenever his imprisoned world reached the shores of Andalusia, where beauty of face and place, complimented the beauty of mind, where people were they were servants of enlightenment.

For the remainder of the trip, Jaffar became the companion, the nights of our friend's days, they became each other's freedom from their respective captivities. Jaffar taught our friend about Africa, the vast plains of Zanzibar, its infinite landscape, where the sun meets the moon, and the sea meets heaven as they both carry the distant mountains like a mother carries her child.

Their sailing in each other's minds as they both sailed west gave them the will to reach their own destinations, Jaffar's freedom was within his reach as our friend revealed his identity as the keeper of the grand library, the knowledge within the books in Cordoba was within our friend's chest, and with every mind trip they took together, they reached the stars they reached the plains of Zanzibar, the gardens of Andalusia and the endless fortunes of Metropolitan, both men became brothers of fate, they bonded in their separation, and their countless separations were diminishing with each passing hour on board this vessel of fate..of faith, the faith in tomorrow, when Jaffar is a free man, and our friend is re-united with his land, his soul and his dream..of finding her, and in doing so..finding himself.


  1. Beautiful as usual. Please make Jaffar have a really mysterious story. And don't forget to start a storm while they are sailing,and where Jaffa'rs extraordinary loyalty shows. It's your story! Just got excited and wanted to give you some ideas. U can always take it or leave it :)

  2. I'm almost certain you're not working in any domain that has to do with sales.."its your story..u can always take it or leave it!"

    niiiiiiice! lol

    a storm of loyalty..hmmm, we'll see!

  3. 'and our friend is re-united with his land, his soul and his dream..of finding her, and in doing so..finding himself.'

    Sometimes I feel that looking for something is what makes the person reach the highest levels and achieve the hardest goals.. and sadly enough, reaching that something might not give you a good feeling after all, you'd end up looking for another target and something else to keep you going...

  4. sometimes we meet people that take us so high in thoughts that we never thought can be reached..

  5. Dima and Life, humans are all connected with invisible silk threads, some are tangled into a big mess, some are woven into colorful masterpieces of beauty..but both, are still made of silk.

    We have the control over which one we want to be.

  6. As much as I want him to be home soon,am worried that he might open his eyes to find himself still in that room staring at his sword and past and this is nothing but a dream, or this is all true and he will reach the shore to find himself a stranger amongst his own...

    Your comment to Dima and life is really nice..You know how hard it is to untangle silk threads ?? unless there is a magic recipe!!