Thursday, 8 March 2007

On The Wisdom of Silence

There's a certain charm in Silence, maybe stemmed from the idea of self restraint..Patience, replacing self expression from the the inwards..Silence is an act of inner self expression, a dialogue within..the most honest dialogue is the one within, it might be as peaceful as a mass prayer in unison, or as brutal as a war is more brutal than the war that rages within one's chest.

I'm captivated by Silence, it radiates with penetrates walls, sometimes silence can be louder than all the physical noises around us..we co-habitate with those as they become part of the background of our life paintings, but Silence..has its allurement, a certain promise of betterment.

Silence begets Wisdom, as it engages the mind in a series of observations..turning into a series of contemplations, it's an embedded cleansing system, Silence washes the soul; reaching the point of soul cleansing is a long journey, you engage ultra-human powers in the process of unintentional meditation, deep breathes are often expressions of deep thought, they result in an instantaneous physical comfort, they're also signs of soul cleansing..deep long breathes only take place when one is silent, you've just had were silent.

I get into these philosophical moods, and every once in a while, I walk into my "lighthouse", and look out..and almost always, what I see is a flash of an idea, un-photographable, un-recordable, but describable in an unearthly manner, it's soft..hence comforting, light..hence comforting, and silent..hence comforting.

Silence gives a feeling of Immortality of Thoughts.


  1. You remind me of the "Itha kan el kalam min fidda fa el sokoot min thahab"

    Silence is comforting and allows for clearing one's mind and soul ... hence; meditating

    The only problem is that sometimes silence is perceived as weakness ... and sometimes silence is not the proper response because sometimes we really have to speak up with really loud voices to be heard ...

    Nonetheless; loved your philosophical mood ... :)

  2. your philosophical mood ignites mine sometimes. But mine always need the setting around;Quite room, closed doors, and an off beat mind.

    I love to read you, but sometimes I just can't cuz my setting ain't ready.


    Good Morning Ammar:)

  3. Khalida,
    silence 3an silence bifreg!

    Thanks..that's quite a compliment..Good morning, although I believe its afternoon in Amman.

  4. Now that I have a blog, and am talking away....I cherish the days when I was silent,it was just a conversation between me and myself,with the angels and demons within...It becomes a habit that is hard to break..if I give too much away,it feels like a betrayal to myself..and I feel am talking but still silent..
    Does this make any sense to you??

    and I beleive it is evening where you are!! so, have a quite one..

  5. silence can be the best answers to some situations but at times when you feel you're close to explode i don't think staying silent would help...

    and im one of the people who believe that letting things out and keep talking about what bothers help in making it past. Silent is not always the best solution.

  6. Noura,
    it does make sense, your self dialogue is a very honest when you expose sides of that it feels like revealing a secret.

    I agree, but what I mean here is the kind of silence that makes you think, not the weakness inspired one.

  7. Oh yeah then you're totally right.. As i can't do anything (read, work, write, concentrate on anything) if there's the slightest sound.. :)

  8. Morning..

    "no war is more brutal than the war that rages within one's chest"

    I have been always a person who shares.. I share my mind.. I share my worries and my thoughts,and I dont let myself fight that war alone..
    later I discovered that fact about that cleansing system.. how great it is not to talk..
    I dont say I can do it all the time :) because I just cant.. But I learned it.. and I use it when I need it .

    Its amazing how you put words together and it just flows smothly. Brilliant!

  9. Ammer

    In the loud world around us, silence is like air ...I think I would shiver into a dead soul if I did not revitalize my self through silence. and so wisely said that the conversations within are the most intense, the most peaceful and for sure the most important. the inner conversation is the one we cannot afford to leave unfinished.

  10. PS: you have been tagged : ) check my corner ...

  11. ammar, i always enjoy a good read here. beautiful words.

    and i agree, silence can be too loud sometimes, especially when its friends misery and loneliness come into the room.. it can be deafening.

  12. proudpali,
    Thank you..and welcome back.

  13. was never away really :) but sometimes words can get lost and sadly unfound.

  14. "Silence gives a feeling of Immortality of Thoughts."

    I agree with you, and I love your words :)

    Silence can be more powerful than all words.