Monday, 14 January 2008

On Things..And How They Seem

I've been away for a while, and I thank all those who checked on me, but one thing I that I'm not much of a blogger, probably a seasonal one, depending on the season in mind, rather than in setting.

One of the things I've been contemplating for a while is the way things..and sometimes people seem to be -that can be both negative and positive- and the way they really are. There's a certain wisdom in discovery, and discovery sometimes reaches surprising results..much like the surprise Columbus found when he thought he reached India when in fact he reached the new world; accidents can change destinies, or at least alter our perception of something we thought is cemented in our mind to be something else.

I might be talking in riddles, but that's probably the point; obscurity sometimes seems to be fascinating, or frustrating...depending on the journey, but within its walls..when you look closely..if you take the time to look closely..lies the clearest of all messages.


  1. welcome back Ammar

    Ignorance my fiend- in a lot of cases- is a bliss, at times it is fun to live with undiscovered things and just take people at face value. see sometimes masks look nice, although your kind of sure there is something ugly underneath, but if its not too close why bother.

  2. Thanks Tamara, and Mazboot..ignorance is a bliss sometimes..more often than usual actually!

  3. Ahhh ... perception ...

    Welcome back ammar. It's been a while

  4. indeed it is..Thanks Qwaider