Tuesday, 4 December 2007

I'm in a Calendar!

Well..not that kind of Calendar, maybe next year..but returnig to this one, around six or seven months ago..I came across something called The One Million Masterpiece project, which is basically one large image of a million drawings made by people around the world online, so being the Global Citizen I am, I went ahead and drew the flag of Jordan.

Yesterday, I got an email telling me that my drawing was chosen among 1800 drawings to be made into a 2008 calendar, they made up themes for each month, and the theme for March is United Nations, and yours truely secured Jordan's representation in the visual UN, with one afternoon in the office doodle.


p.s: I've pointed out the drawing's position in red for your comfort.


  1. Hahahhaha, very cool! How do we get our hands on this calendar??

  2. isn't neat? lol!
    Hal..here's the link: http://www.millionmasterpiece.com/shop-detail?product_id=7

  3. Very nice Ammar,I remember at one time you had it displayed on your page,right ??
    The Lebanese flag is also close by :)

  4. Mazboot ya Noura, but then I had to remove it since they stopped the flash image and all I had left was an empty space.

    if you look closer, you can see another 2 Lebanese flags, count five rows from the bottom up and go left, there's one, and there one more around the middle..with a black background.

  5. Yeah,I can see them now..Thanks
    So.. will u let us know next year when "that kind of calendar" is out :D

  6. Of course I wont..you're gonna have to find out about that one on your own!

  7. this is so cute - the red circle on the flag is sooo cuteeeeeeeeee... sorry to inject this sissy comment, but it's terribly cute!