Sunday, 29 July 2007

La Luna..La Luna

One of my most favorite pastimes, is to endlessly stare at the moon, a pointless activity to some extent, but observation of the cosmos is a very subtle way to obtain certain doses of wisdom, and like the high and low tides, humans are affected by the moon, or so I'd like to believe, besides the folkloric tales of vampires and werewolves.

This gem in the ancient sky is probably the only thing that literally unites humans, for each human, from the beginning of time, till this earth and its moon are taken off the proverbial stage, every single human..has stared at the moon for some time, at some point in their lives, and that thought in itself is a witness to the greatness of the Creator, who shows us a sign of His Eternity every single night, it is up to us mortals to seize that moment of direct contact with Heaven.

Adam might have looked up to the moon on the first night of his and Eve's life on earth, as they both explored their new world, Alexander The Great might have stared up one night as he reveled in his conquests, Moses might have done the same as he contemplated on his imminent encounter with the Pharaoh, Jesus probably sat on the outskirts of Jerusalem one night and looked up to the full moon seeking God's peace and guidance, Muhammad might have crossed the night sky with his sight, gazing at the moon from the cave of "Hira" on the very night Gabriel came onto him to announce his prophecy. Cleopatra might have had one of her milk baths under the moonlight, Elissar surely thought of the people she left behind in Tyre, when she saw their shining faces in the reflection of the moon in the calm waters of the she sailed west to Carthage, Averroes, Aristotle, all stared on a clear night into the light in the sky, thinking, meditating, praying, seeing someone's face in the silver lining of a full moon.

Poets, lovers, warriors, sinners and saints were all captivated for a fraction of a second by that silent lantern as it rose in a mid summer night, as it lit the nights of Ancient Greece, Babylon, Pheonicia, Cordoba, Jerusalem, and The ancient Mayan Kingdom, and as it did..each human, travelled in their past, or their future, staring into the eyes of their loved ones, their unborn descendants, as they stared into the moon.

Tonight, look up to the moon, and think that you're looking at something all humanity saw as you are now, your own great grandchildren might sit one fine night under its light in the deep future and steal a moment of innocent intimacy with their loved ones. This enough to make you feel immortal, for a fraction of a second, Tonight..look up to the moon and speak to prophets, visionaries, artists and lovers, and tonight..look up to the moon and speak to your unborn children, and theirs, for one night..they just might look up to the moon and speak to you.


  1. This is beautiful.. I was talking to the full moon last night.. :)
    I always feel there is something about the full moon and the full moon nights..

  2. The moon is our companionate friend in the sky, when we are sad the moon is sad with us, when we are happy the moon smiles down on us, and most importantly the moon can see the ones we miss and can tells us the stories of the ones who lived and loved before us.

    Great post as usual Ammar

  3. Those were different times, wiser people,they knew what we ignore today..Now we don't have time to speak to each other, let alone taking a moment to look up !! After reading your post I realized that I haven't done so myself in a long time..So I took a peek outside..There's something eerie about the darkness here,beside frogs and lizards,the sky is not as friendly,the moon is cold and the stars do not wink !! I will talk to God, call on the people I know and love, past and present, from the inside !!

  4. Life,
    talking to the moon is keeps one's sanity!

    wallah ya 3ammi mazboot!

    Those frogs and lizards are having their own conversations, as for the sky, the moon and the stars..sometimes they don't like to make the first move..wink at them first..they'd wink back!

  5. و اللـه يـا عمـار مـا حـدا عـم بيـرد..لا حيـاة لمـن تنـادي
    I winked and called..... A raccoon and something that look like a giant rat "opossum" answered.. Am ashamed to say that am scared of the dark..lool