Friday, 27 March 2009

On The Hidden Laws of Probable Outcome

Sometimes, I tend to see life as a train ride, you travel across valleys and plains, stopping at stations along the way, meeting new people, strangers who might become friends, and friends who might have become strangers.

What amazes me most, is how strangers become acquaintances, and how acquaintances become strangers; a philosophical loop, that explores the edges of human behaviour, and defies even the simplest rational discourse of reason, but that's one of the wonders of humanity, to say the least.

When you're somewhere you've never been before, it's like people living there were imaginary until you got there, they didn't exist to you until you really felt their existence, until you saw them with your own eyes, heard them with your own ears, even smelled and touched their surroundings with your own nose and hands, even if you knew of their actual existence through other -non imaginary- people to you. But until that moment of time, when the imaginary crosses paths with the actual, and through it, the stranger crosses the thin line to becoming familiar, until that rendez-vous of realities, the two independent worlds of existence are nothing but possible interpretations of actual being, with the influence of imagination, which shapes them the way we please, rather than the way they really are.

London, to me was an imaginary place, until I went there, Paris was as well, until I stood on top of the Eiffel tower, and strolled along the river Seine, and listened to that beautiful French music coming out of those small cafés. Even Amman has an imaginary side, as it's full of strangers, who despite their apparent familiarity are nothing but imaginary passers by, alongside my train ride, as they go in the opposite direction, to their own "somewhere yet unknown".

The interesting twist is that, even if this rendez-vous of realities turns out to be just a short stop at a foreign station along the train ride to somewhere yet unknown; life goes on, and that process of transformation: from stranger to acquaintance to stranger again, that round trip, would in turn become closer to an act of imagination, as time passes, even if it was very real -according to all the laws of physics- due to its short lifespan, and the striking example of this, is the life of a butterfly, which has a lasting effect on everything and everyone in its surrounding, but not a long enough life to prove its one-time existence, it's a corollary relationship of the purest form.

The train ride of life marches on though, taking you somewhere else, to make other strangers who still don't exist to you, possibly the most familiar people in your coming life; the one still unknown to you, to the point of it being as imaginary as that passing butterfly. Those, my friends; are the hidden laws of probable outcome; and we all, live by them.


  1. There are worlds hidden between your lines Ammar. What's important is what you left behind, and what you took with you.

    "A stranger whom you have never seen around;
    Blurred visions, a new face, a new look;
    Just one move on your own ground,
    That stranger can change your life, your book.
    From another world he came, another place;
    Into your world he sang his lullaby;
    He came silently, placed a letter on your trace
    So read, and follow your heart’s cry.
    Life is but a puzzle, you put its pieces together;
    You build, you sleep, you dream, you build again;
    Keep going - your track is traced by the stranger;
    Your dream, surrounding your reality, your pain."

  2. Hey K, long time no see, I hope all is well my friend, and true, there are indeed, everyone has worlds, with different places, different faces and different time zones of the mind and heart.

    That's a great poem, haven't read it before, is it yours?

  3. Hey Ammar.. been a while indeed! Hope you enjoyed your stay in Amman :) though I think this post relates to your experiences there.

    The poem isn't mine. It's part of a larger poem someone typed on my laptop back in college and left. I don't know who wrote it, till today.

    Things happen for a reason :) Maybe it is so that I pass it on to you, and you find in it some wisdom.