Thursday, 11 December 2008

On Days Past

Bil Zamanat, I used to enjoy walking around Jabal El Weibdeh, which to those not familiar with Amman, is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the city. I had a very good reason to do so besides the beautiful old houses and narrow winding roads, as a certain blonde was living there, so every summer evening of that July was spent walking around Weibdeh with that tall girl, talking about anything; it didn't really matter what was said as being there and then was the point.

This sudden recollection came as I prepare for another pilgrimage to Amman, the place I miss more when I'm in than when I'm away from; much like the line of ancient Arabic poetry with the same sentiment:

يمـوتُ الهــوى منــّي إذا ما لقـيتُها

ويحيا إذا فارقتـُـها فيعــودُ

But I'm not going to dwell on this as this post is supposed to be as "sunny" as the mid-summer days in Weibdeh, the whole neighbourhood felt like home, even if home was a few miles away, every window in every house felt familiar as if I had actually lived there and looked through it every morning, or roamed around it in my slumber as I walked around it in my sobriety, there was a distinct scent of jasmine, and that scent still runs through me like the blood through my veins, I never smelled anything as beautiful, it was probably the scent of Love, as every emotion has a scent, the same overwhelming love I felt, and now am nostalgic to. Love ages like wine, or cheese if you prefer, it acquires more taste, more interpretations, as one grows older, but one thing remains the same; the memory of days past.

p.s: I saved the world today.


  1. I think that the actual day that passes never comes back, but the residue it leaves in the memory can take the most intangible form... and what is beautiful about it is that you can shape and reshape it in the most pleasing manner that suites any moment of nostalgia...

    ammaaaaa, regarding love, my roomie disagrees with ya!

    Have a safe trip back home, and don't forget to roam that neighbor as that place is real.. who knows what might come back at that given moment :P


  2. Mazboot, your roomie has a point, but the nostalgic feelings are always magnified in a way they become larger than reality, I've actually written 2 posts on those two topics, Love and Nostalgia, in two different states of mind.

    Thank you, I will roam, probably in a car this time!

  3. I felt the post is written on my behalf. Its such a relieving feeling to read whats hard to sometimes describe when all you could do in response is be speechless and simply give out a long sigh.

    Jasmine... Oh my god.

  4. Batoul: you're welcome :)

    And that Jasmine, it probably was Damascene!

  5. Yr post forced me to comment, hope its OK with ya :D

    As Secratea said "days which pass never come again" but its true that roads , senses , and some certain views stick in our souls and leave footprints inside ourselves to refresh that feeling whenever we need to ..
    Its a blessing from ALLA that we can remember most of the details and even the smiles and the shivers ..!!

    Remember always that whats better than love is re-living that feeling when its gone and no longer there ..

    7ket kter b3raf ,, sorry :) u r welcome 2 visit my page whenever u have a free time :)

  6. Maroo: I'm glad it "forced" you, but it's always allowed to comment here so don't worry about it, welcome!

    I totally agree with what you're saying, our souls are mysterious entities, and their ways of becoming familiar with everything we come across is also mysterious, it's one of God's greatest secrets, and it's within us all, hence the glory of the Creator.

    Welcome again, and I'll definitely visit your blog.

  7. Love and cheese: two of my favorite things in life. :)

    Lovely post.