Friday, 1 February 2008

On Love..Or Thereabouts

Sometimes, we take a Leap of Faith, with all the unguarded wisdom that accompanies that jump into the unknown, and the foolishness in the act itself, as only fools jump into the dark.

There's a huge difference between infatuation, and love. The latter is a long process of actions and reactions, of trial and error, it's the process of aging of emotions, they "taste" better with time, like wine, or cheese if you prefer. The heart has its secrets, and those aren't revealed -even to the keeper of the heart- as they're secrets not meant for translation. Infatuation, on the other hand, is a strike of lightning, we get struck for a few seconds, and are filled with that electric energy that hypnotizes us, and takes us away from reality, but that hypnosis is short lived, not because it's a foreign virus and must be fought off, but because it's a natural reaction; we are all captivated by beauty: physical and intellectual, it's an act of instinctive natural selection, that goes back to the premise of the survival of the fittest, we want to be with beauty, it gives us the defence we need, the reassurance of continuity and survival.

Love, is a world of its own, it engages all senses, from sight to intellect, even scent has its share, people who are in love can distinguish their partners' scents, as their genes become familiar to each other, it is a process of unification with another human, a conscious decision that engages even the unconscious, reaching the point of telepathy, the familiarity reaches even their souls, and when souls become familiar, the un-earthly wonders of Love are revealed, not to the world, but to those two people, whose world begins with each other's presence, and ends with their parting..however temporary.

We all are infatuated with someone sometimes, but being in Love happens less often, those who consult their souls are even luckier in their leaps of faith, the soul has its own radar, it detects the hidden attractions, and sends an encrypted report to the heart, which reacts with the symptoms of labour, a birth of sorts..and keeps you awake in beautiful pain..when the world is fast asleep.

When I'm with you, we stay up all night. When you're not here, I can't go to sleep. Praise God for the two insominas..and the difference between them.


  1. I never looked at it this way ~ bless both insominas...
    Yes, God bless the pain of Love ~ it does take you into leaps of faith... Amen!

  2. your post captivated me:)

    i miss your blog at times like these... alot.

  3. every sentence and every word.. sometimes I just have to read again and again!

    The difference between love and infatuation might not be clear at times, and it can make you scared at others.

    The last two lines were the ones which impressed me the most.. !

  4. More power to those who have souls,hearts,radars or whatever it is to experience any type of emotions whether it's love or infatuation or any of Rumi's insomnias..
    Don't you think sometimes love starts as infatuation..lightning hits and open the door for possibilites?

  5. I live this definition: "aging of emotions"amazing:)

  6. Ruba,
    Amen indeed

    you're welcome, in times like these and all the other times!

    Thanks, The two last lines are actually by Jalaleddine Al Rumi.

    True, but sometimes we misinterpret infatuation for love, and act on that assumption, which leads us to trouble, when its gone.

    I'm glad you are, it's a very nice process!

  7. Those words are amazing ... the last sentence is it by you or it's an old saying ?

  8. Thanks Isam, no the last sentence is by Jalaleddine Al Rumi

  9. Thinking about it this way..
    I then was never in love.. it has always been an infuation..

    Wonder when would that happen or (If it ever will) :)

    Beautifuly written as always! can help saying :)

  10. Thanks Life, it happens to everyone, but each in their own time.

  11. This post is even more scary !!